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How Much is the Salary of a Domestic Helper in Kuwait And Some Tips for Working in Kuwait

Many Filipinos apply for work in countries in the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Kuwait. Most of the jobs offered in these countries pay better than work offered in the Philippines. And what makes countries like Kuwait more appealing for Filipinos, especially those who wish to work as a domestic helper, aside from the [...]

There’s a Kuwaiti Law which allows Expats to Own a Real Estate Property

The case of a Filipina domestic helper, Ulambai Singgayen, who is being held by authorities in Kuwait for allegedly stabbing her employer, is currently being given careful attention by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) through the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait. Due assistance will be offered to the Pinay migrant worker to ensure that her [...]

Filipina Domestic Helper in Kuwait Goes Missing for over a Year

The Philippine Embassy in Kuwait has recently issued an advisory on a missing Filipina domestic helper, Ronalyn Yonting Lawagan, who had absconded from her employer back in February 2017. Her family had also lost contact with her since then, as shared in a report by the Kuwait Times. A representative from the Philippine Embassy in [...]