Domestic Worker Law Written in Your Language

Domestic workers in Kuwait, know your rights by downloading a copy of the Domestic Worker Law in your language.  The Society for Human rights with the help of Department of Domestic Labor in the Ministry of Interior released booklets written in Hindi, Filipino, English, Arabic and Urdu.

This aims to educate laborers of their rights. The booklets will be distributed at health centers, airports and areas where in overseas workers would usually flock. This will definitely help raise awareness and educate not only Pinoys but different nationalities working in Kuwait.

domestic worker law kuwait

Download a Copy of the Domesic Labour Law in Your Native Language

All expats in Kuwait working in domestic labour, you can download a copy of the law by Ministry of Interior for your reference and knowledge. This is helpful to help inform all your of your rights as a worker as well as rules and procedures while living and working in the country.

I have included links below for you to be able to download and print in case you will not be able to get a hardcopy.

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