Kuwait Finally Lifts Ban on Filipino Domestic Helpers

Great news for Filipino domestic helpers! The long wait is finally over – the Kuwait government has confirmed that the ban on Filipino domestic helpers has now been lifted.

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Khaled Al-Dakhnan of the Federation of Domestic Labor Offices made the official announcement after several months of negotiations participated by different designated authorities.

Kuwait Finally Lifts Ban on Filipino Domestic Helpers
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Ban on Filipino Domestic Helpers Lifted by Kuwaiti Government

According to the report by the Arab Times Online, the hiring of Filipino domestic workers will start next week as the Philippine Embassy starts to process the contracts of the workers.

The decision according to Al-Dakhnan will alleviate the domestic worker crisis in the country.

We are still waiting for the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Ethiopia, which will solve the problem of the 70 per cent shortage of domestic workers,” he shared.

The domestic labour chief directed that the domestic worker’s office must comply with the KD 890 price, which was set by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

There is a constant demand for domestic workers in Kuwait, and countries like the Philippines and Ethiopia fill these positions. However, with the continuous issues when it comes to the treatment of Filipino domestic helpers in the country, many OFWs end up getting beaten by their employers or even losing their lives.

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