6 Reasons Why Becoming an OFW May Not Be For You

With over 2 million Filipinos classified to have worked as an OFW at least once in their lifetime, there’s no question that the perks of being one has much appeal among families and young professionals, who are looking to build a career. 

Despite its widespread appeal among Filipinos, there’s no guarantee though that working as an OFW will lead to success or a better life, to say the least. This message was clearly expressed last year when a young Filipina domestic worker was found dead inside a freezer in an abandoned apartment in Kuwait. 

6 Reasons Why Becoming an OFW May Not Be For You
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Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Not Be An OFW

So, before we consider working as an OFW, here are some tips that we need to consider in order for us to know if being an OFW, indeed, is a good choice for us:

Don’t be an OFW if:

#1 – You were only forced into becoming one.

If you were among those people who were forced to work abroad to help out your family, then chances are – you may not have considered any of the points shared in this post. But if you’re in this position, but are willing to learn and prepare yourself for this new stage of your life, then continue reading below…

#2 – You are not ready to put in your 100% commitment.

Working abroad will require you to stay there for at least a year or two because this is what the contract requires most of the time. Even if it’s just a year or two, that amount of time will require you to commit to the work that you’ve agreed to do – whether as a skilled worker or as a professional. This means, quitting or going home earlier than agreed should not be a question for you.  

#3 – You are not ready to work hard for it.

Just like any other job, you will be required to perform and work hard so that you will, hopefully, go up the ladder and your contract will be extended and get all the benefits that come along with it.   

#4 – You often rely on others to do things for you.

Aside from working hard, you will also need to be highly motivated and independent not only at work but even as you live in your host country all by yourself. This means that you should be responsible enough to look after yourself and take care of the cooking, cleaning, and paying the bills all by yourself. Otherwise, you may find yourself struggling as you live on your own.   

6 Reasons Why Becoming an OFW May Not Be For You
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#5 – You lack the mental and emotional strength to become an OFW.

Given the fact that you will find yourself on your own most of the time. It’s important that you keep a positive attitude and a healthy mental and emotional state as much as you can. 

#6 – You enjoy being in your comfort zone too much.

As early as you decide to work abroad, understand that your experience will push you to your limits and will require you to give up a lot of your comforts in life. If you’re not open-minded and adaptable enough, you may feel the pressure of your new life and get stressed out easily.

Keeping in mind these 6 practical things should help you decide whether being an OFW is a good option for you or if there’s something much better you can explore doing even in the Philippines such as working online or starting your own business.

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