Kuwait to Have Electric Cars Soon

Driving in Kuwait has gotten more and more technologically advanced. From the recently implemented new e-driving license system, this time, Kuwait is looking to utilize electric cars for transportation. If anything, the entry and use of electric cars should offer more economic and environment-friendly changes in Kuwait’s transportation system.

According to a report of the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), the department has already submitted a request to all concerned authorities to release the list of requirements to authorize the entry of electric cars in the Kuwait market.

Kuwait Gears Up for the Use of Electric Cars

The KCCI had also shared that they have received a letter from the Youself Ahmad Al-Ghanim and Sons Company revealing intentions to commence the importation of electric cars in the near future as this will position Kuwait among the countries with leading global technologies while integrating the equally important concepts of green transportation as well as environmental conservation.

The request is part of the necessary procedure which authorizes the entry and delivery of such cars into the Gulf State. With that, concerned authorities are expected to evaluate the request and direct all concerned officials to formulate all necessary requirements within their respective sectors.

What are the Benefits of Electric Cars?

Electric cars are a great alternative for many people all over the world not only because they are better for the environment, but they can also save their owners a fair amount of money. According to the U.S Environmental Protection Agency, electric cars on the average cost around $3.74 to travel 100 miles, a stark contrast to conventional cars which cost around $13.36 for the same distance travelled. These savings would be quite helpful in the long run but only if drivers get to have easy and regular access to charging stations. Otherwise, they won’t get the miles at all, even for the dollars they save.

And as all things good and new, here are some of the benefits of getting an electric vehicle (EV):

  1. No petrol: As EVs are completely electricity-dependent, there will be no need to consume petrol which has been a major source of pollution anywhere in the world. Also, as compared to fuel-based cars, EVs are much lighter on the pocket because the price of petrol is dependent on the availability of resources, and as proven just recently, it is heavily dependent on the world market and on various economic movements.
  2. No emissions: EVs operate on electrically-powered engines, which make them absolutely eco-friendly. These cars do not emit smoke or other toxic gases into the environment. Therefore, when you drive an electric car, you are helping to lessen the pollution in the environment.
  3. Reduced noise: The engines of EV’s are much quieter compared to combustion engines which are common among conventional and hybrid cars. This unique feature adds up for a leisurely drive which creates a better driving experience for both drivers and passengers.
  4. Plenty of charging points: In countries such as Dubai where EVs are already utilized, it’s easy to find charging points within the city, not to mention the charging bays available in some shopping malls and a couple of hotels.

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