Program to Evaluate Need for Expat Workers Approved

A new project to gauge the need for expat workers in government positions has been approved by the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) according to Hassan Al-Khidher Deputy Director General for Expatriate Workers Affairs at Public Authority for Manpower (PAM), as shared in a report by the Arab Times.

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With the new program already considered for implementation, the government is looking to properly regulate and screen out incorrect or fictitious estimation of contracts for expats.  This will also have an effect to the method of recruitment of foreign talents for government projects based on the actual needs in the country.

Program to Evaluate Need for Expat Workers Approved
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PAM OKs Program to Evaluate Need for Expat Workers in the Government

The initiative will also, hopefully, put an end in the scenario of collecting roaming or marginal workers, which has contributed to the glaring problem in the popular structure in Kuwait, Al-Khider explained.

Moreover, the government has gathered input from the Expatriate Workers Section along with the Planning and Vocational Skills Approval Sector and Kuwait University at the training session by Dr Huda Buqumaz regarding the project for supervisors and department heads at the Needs Estimation Unit.

In recent months, the dilemma of recruiting expats and nationals with fake certificates has caused a stir in the government. Also, expats beyond the age of 60 will no longer be renewed for their work and resident permits in Kuwait. With the general direction of the country heading for setting the labour force back on level ground for all of its citizens, Kuwait is exploring reforms and new regulations on the labour force to make sure all involved parties will have a place in the Gulf State.

Ultimately, the government is eyeing to achieve Kuwaitization in 5 years’ time, which explains the kind of activity the government is pursuing across all sectors affecting its labour market.

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