Gov’t to Consider Banning Non-Degree Holder Expats over 60 Years of Age

Still in line with the country’s bid to restructure its manpower resources and allocation, as well as to provide more opportunities for nationals to find work in both private and public firms, the government is now studying the benefits of restructuring its population demographics, as well.

This move has taken into consideration of the national budget and growing financial burden on the government’s expenses, as it gears for the full implementation of the VAT system soon.

Gov’t to Consider Banning Non-Degree Holder Expats over 60 Years of Age
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Gov’t Studies Banning Non-Degree Holder Expats over 60 Years Old

The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) has been studying the possibility of issuing a resolution for the banning of the renewal of residency visas for expats with no degrees after the age of 60, as shared in a report by the Kuwait Times.

On this note, the manpower authority’s board members are heavily favouring the proposal as there is no use in keeping such expats in the country, while some are against it for humanitarian reasons, also considering the years these expats have invested in the country on their field of work.

According to the authority, a new set of resolutions are still underway after the national holidays. These resolutions aim to help regulate work in the private labour market as well as in government projects.

Moreover, the new resolutions will also address the issue of visa trafficking as well as fake companies that lure in expat workers and then abandon them to seek jobs in the local labour market.

Hopefully, the new set of resolutions will be enough to cover the aforementioned issues in relation to Kuwait’s labour market. Expats have long been part of modern Kuwaiti society, and it’s good that authorities are also considering their welfare, especially the elderly ones who are about to enter or are already in their retirement age.

On the other hand, restricting non-degree holder expats retirees is also an important consideration for the government, in order to keep the state funds well allocated and accessible to the majority.

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