Filipino Restaurants in Kuwait

We Filipinos love our food. You sometimes miss the food back home, you crave that Filipino flavor. In Kuwait, there are plenty of restaurants that offer Pinoy food so you won’t have to search far for the taste that reminds us of home. Sometimes you might not be able to cook your dish right away and just want a quick bite. Fortunately, there are food places in Kuwait that offer Filipino cuisine.

Philippines has a lot of influences when it comes to food. We have Chinese, Spanish and American. Pinoys have a knack of getting flavors from different dishes to cater or to suit the taste of Filipino palate.

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List of Restaurants in Kuwait that Serve Pinoy Food

Here’s a list of Pinoy restaurants in Kuwait

Jollibee – The number one Pinoy fast-food chain that serve fried chicken, hamburgers, French fries, Spaghetti, rice-based meals, side orders and desserts.


  • Al Fintas, Kuwait
  • Farwaniya, Kuwait
  • Kuwait city, Kuwait
  • Marina Mall

Seafood Restaurant– They cook seafood dishes. Whether it’s fried, grilled, steamed or dishes that is cooked in soup.
Location: 1st Floor, Stall 24, beside salmiya Main Cooperative

Morning and Evening Restaurant– They serve Mexican, Pan-Asian and Filipino dishes.
Location: Block 8, Street 37, Fahaheel, Kuwait

Filipiniana Restaurant– They serve Filipino favorites such as Adobo(chicken or pork simmered with vinegar and soy sauce), Beef Caldereta (stewed beef with potatoes and carrots with tomato sauce), Daing na Bangus (fried milkfish, Pinakbet(mixed vegetables string beans, squash, gumbo eggplant and bitter gourd), Tinola (a Spanish soup made from chicken or fish) and a whole lot more.
Address: Salmiyah, Hamad Al-Mubarak Street, Block 4, Street 6, bldg. 26
Contact number 🙁 +965) 2 57 2557555

Chowking Restaurant– It is a Chinese Restaurant. They have Dimsum, Dumplings, Stir fried noodles, fried rice etc.
Address: Salmiya, Kuwait

Contact number: 25724290

Manyaman Restaurant– They serve Asian Fusion, Breakfast, Buffets, Chinese, Filipino, Hot Dogs, Seafood and Vegetarian.

Address: Salem Mubarak St. beside Gulf mark, opps Max, 0e22 Salmiyah, Al ‘Āşimah, Kuwait
Contact number: 66579131 / 66576724/25733565

Yanams Kitchen– They serve Filipino food favorites such as Bulalo (Soup made with beef shanks and bone marrow)

Address: Salmiya (Old Souk)
Contact number: (+965) 599 75618


When Spain colonized Philippines hundreds of years ago we were introduced to a variety of spices like onions and garlic. Back in the day ways of preserving meat in vinegar along with these spices hence the Adobo. Chinese and Japanese traders came to Philippines to trade their commodity to ours and they also introduced noodles which became “pancit” and dumplings and eggrolls which became “Lumpia”.

Check out this list above from time to time as we will update more information

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