Online Pinoy Radio Station in Kuwait Pinoy Arabia ME Launches “Talent Quest 2022”

The leading and only licensed online Filipino radio station in Kuwait announced “Pinoy Arabia ME Talent Quest 2022” to commemorate its eighth anniversary.

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As it attempts to discover fresh, talented Filipinos in Kuwait, the Pinoy Arabia ME Talent Quest 2022 will give a total of KD1,500 in cash prizes.

Online Pinoy Radio Station in Kuwait Pinoy Arabia ME Launches “Talent Quest 2022”
Credits: Pinoy Arabia ME / Facebook

Talent Quest 2022 Now Open for Filipinos in Kuwait

The objective of Pinoy Arabia ME Station, according to Ben Garcia, is to establish a platform for the discovery and development of new talent, as reported by the Arab Times Online.

The first weekly audition began on Friday at the Blue & Blue Café and Restaurant in Hawally, where 11 aspirants accepted the challenge.

  • Arjay Tumang (Human Beat Box),
  • Shalom Battung (singing),
  • Kristel San Diego- singing,
  • Roseann Lorenzo Dequit (singing),
  • Victor Llaguno (painting),
  • Christine Argente (singing),
  • Alvin Bartulin (singing with guitar),
  • Marissa Inso (singing),
  • Kenneth Morales (singing),
  • Maria Ana Sarmiento (singing) and
  • Aubrey Joyce Nueva (singing).

The competition is open to talented Filipino individuals or groups of no more than ten members who are at least 18 years old. With the exception of “death-defying feats, dangerous performances, obscene performances, and acts that violate Kuwait’s culture, tradition, and morals,” the tournament is open to singing, dancing, arts, and acting.

Between January 2022 and the present, a person must not have participated or been a guest on any internet radio programs in Kuwait, nor have they won a grand prize in any competition in Kuwait.

The weekly auditions will take place every Friday in August, with those who pass move on to the weekly elimination round in September, the semi-finals in October, and the finals in November.

The grand prize winner will receive KD1,000, while the first and second runners-up will receive KD300 and KD200, respectively.

Pinoy Arabia ME is in its ninth year of live airing from Kuwait City’s Ooredoo Tower. Pinoy Arabia ME has established a massive audience since its inception on 30 October 2014, with over 436,000 organic Facebook followers and a big number of listeners in Kuwait, the GCC, and beyond.

Pinoy Arabia ME plays current and vintage Filipino and English hits 24 hours a day, with regular guests from the Philippine Embassy and other visiting Philippine government officials, as well as well-known personalities and dignitaries in Kuwait. It focuses on Filipino community events as well as other significant announcements. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Pinoy Arabia was one of the most trusted information sources for the Filipino people.

Pinoy Arabia ME has established itself not only as a reliable source of information for Filipinos living abroad but also as a venue for pure entertainment. The Pinoy Arabia ME team consists of Maxxy Santiago, Ben Garcia, Red, Mark the Spark, Kris, Robert Bulquiren, Mark Neil, Rosie, Papa Jeth, Lover, Julieciousa, Denzil, and Erika.

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