KWD 300 Fine Imposed for ‘Poor’ Garbage Disposal; Seller of Counterfeit KWD 10 Stamps Arrested

Last June 13, the Director of Public Hygiene and Road Works, Dr Saad Al-Jalawi shared at the Hawalli Branch in Kuwait City that the Kuwaiti government is working hard in ironing out contracts with cleaning companies to improve sustainability in the nation’s cleaning process.

In line with this development, the government has set a fine of KWD 300 for those who fail to tie their garbage bags before disposal in the trash. According to Dr Al-Jalawi, all garbage bags need to be tied securely before they are dumped in the garbage bin for collection and processing. In addition, those who will be caught carelessly throwing cigarette butts and tissue paper in the open will be fined KWD 5.

By Yuyudevil – Own work, Public Domain

KWD 300 Littering Fine for Improper Garbage Disposal Set in Effect

In similar news, the Ministry of Health (MoH) had released a statement regarding the issue of expired medications circulating in the market. The Ministry, along will all concerned departments, will work closely together to monitor the expiry dates of all medications available to the public. Upon identification and completion of the list of expired medications, the Medical Warehouses Department will be responsible for the collection and proper disposal procedures for all the expired products.

MoH Staff Arrested for Selling Counterfeit KWD 10 Stamps to Expats

Meanwhile, civilians, especially expats have been warned by authorities about the selling and circulation of fake KWD 10 stamps in a public hospital in Kuwait.

The culprit, who had been identified as an MoH staff, had already been arrested for charges of forgery of KWD 10 revenue stamps which were then sold to expats earlier this year. In this regard, the Ministry of Health had issued a statement regarding the matter and shared that the culprit had started selling counterfeit stamps since March 2017, when medical fees were on the rise, which predominantly affected expats living in Kuwait.

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