Gov’t Approves Contract Extension of Health Insurance Company for Expats

Last June 20, the Ministry of Health (MoH) has received approval from the government to extend the contracts of a health insurance company that is in-charge of expats for the next six months starting July 28, 2018 until January 2019.

According to undisclosed sources, the latest bidding for the health insurance of expats in the country had been cancelled, and the tender will be offered once again after the amendment of regulations has been settled. The sources clarified, however, that this service cannot be deferred until the next bidding, as the consequences would be far much costly than the issue at hand.

By Maryam –, CC BY 2.0

MoH: Contract Extension of Health Insurance Company for Expats Approved

Meanwhile, the sources also confirmed that the health ministry had already received the nod to renew its contract with a local company handling e-payment services in health insurance centres, clinics, and hospitals. The said contract will be valid for the next three years starting May 8, 2018 with a total cost of KD 3 million.

The increased demand for e-payment services in the Ministry of Health’s facilities prompted the renewal of the contract, to ensure speedy delivery of services to the public. The sources had also cited that the health fee hike for expats which had been effected October of last year had also played an important role in the increase in demand for KD stamps among all public health facilities until today.

In other related news, the MoH had also submitted a proposal to create special teams for the evaluation of pharmacists and technicians who would be recommended to occupy pharmacy-related positions both in private and public sectors.

The special teams will be responsible for the assessment of the qualifications and work experience of licensed applicants which include pharmacists, technicians, and assistant pharmacists. The special teams will draft the terms and conditions of practice in the profession according to the standards and requirements set by the government and related private sectors in the hopes of improving the quality and delivery of pharmaceutical services in the country.

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