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KD 130 Insurance Premium for Expats Starting 2020

KD 130 Insurance Premium for Expats Starting 2020

With a lot of changes happening in the State in terms of policy and regulations concerning expatriates and migrant workers, the government has recently floated its plan to coordinate between the Dhaman hospitals company and the health ministry to require KD 130 for each expat including those who work in the private sector and their children. For [...]

Kuwait Assembly Mulls over Imposing Health Fees on Foreign Visitors

Having health insurance is mandatory for most countries, especially for those who are on short-stay visits or short-term residency for work in the country. However, with the recent changes on regulations including expat health insurance, many lawmakers are now exploring means on how to effectively address the entry of foreign visitors in the country as [...]

Gov’t Activates Online Health Insurance System for Expats

In line with the government’s bid to digitize services offered by the ministries, new systems and innovations are being set into place which aim to expedite the delivery of services offered by the government not only to expats but also to all of its citizens. Among these services include the issuance and renewal of driving [...]

Last June 20, the Ministry of Health (MoH) has received approval from the government to extend the contracts of a health insurance company that is in-charge of expats for the next six months starting July 28, 2018 until January 2019. According to undisclosed sources, the latest bidding for the health insurance of expats in the [...]

With the recent clamor on the increasing public health fees in Kuwait, and even worldwide, the necessity of a travel insurance has never been highlighted as much as it has been today. Untoward events such as accidents and illnesses can happen on a normal day even as we travel abroad. To avoid getting the full [...]