Pinay Household Service Worker Wins Brand New SUV Worth Php 1M

Working abroad gives a lot of Filipinos some once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to have a better life; and that has certainly been the case for Edna L, a 53-year-old Filipino household service worker from Kuwait who has been an OFW for 16 years already, when she won a brand new Subaru XV worth a million peso (or 80,000 AED) from Dubai-based company, Korooti.

The raffle draw was held last May 17, 2018, in the presence of notable guests including Korooti CEO, Tariq Farekh as well as representatives from the Dubai Department of Economic Development, Subaru, and Kabayan Weekly. The 53-year old Pampanga-native won the draw with her Korooti VIP Card # 233285.
korooti suv winner

OFW from Kuwait Wins Brand New SUV Worth Php 1M

Edna has been working as a household service worker for the same employer in Kuwait for over 16 years. When asked about her plans about the prize, Edna shared that she will sell it to her employer’s sibling, and will use the money to invest in a house and a car of her own back home.

Edna admitted that winning the major prize came to her as a big surprise and that when she told her employers about it, they thought that she was going to return back to the Philippines for good. However, Edna shared about her plan to sell the prize and use the money instead to invest in a house and to buy another car back home.

Before this lucky twist of fate, Edna learned about the perks of being a Korooti member such as access to big discounts and raffle draws from one of her friends.

What is Korooti?

Korooti is an Arabic word which translates to “my cards”. It’s a membership discount card which is available for Filipinos and OFWs in particular, who are based in the Middle East. For 8 AED per month (or 100 AED per year), members can enjoy discounts of up to 70 per cent on purchases and other services.

Why Become a Korooti Member?

Here are some of the perks you can get from being a Korooti card holder:

  • Get huge savings from discounts from companies (both in Kuwait and in the Philippines)
  • Join a monthly raffle for a chance to win a roundtrip plane ticket
  • Earn extra income when you refer a friend to join.
  • Get listed for job openings overseas by submitting your CV on their website.

Want to Get a Korooti Card? SIGN UP HERE 

To know more about Korooti, you may contact them through the following details:

Korooti UAE
Contact number: +971 4 320 2555

Korooti Philippines
Contact Number: +63 2 804 5155


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