[ADVISORY] MoI Warns Public About Group Issuing Fake Driving Licenses

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has released a statement regarding a gang which issues fake driving licenses to expats for a fee of $800 without requiring them to go through the legal process to obtain a license in the State such as processing one’s application through relevant authorities and passing a driving test.

The issue surfaced when a local newspaper verified the services offered on a Facebook advertisement posted by an office which claims to process transactions for expats in various countries including Kuwait. Upon investigation, a staff from the Kuwait-based ‘agency’ revealed that they have been issuing driving licenses through a Kuwaiti based in Turkey for $800 per document. The driving license is then ‘processed’ and is ready for collection within five (5) days upon request.

By irvin calicut – irvin calicut, CC BY-SA 3.0

MoI Cautions Expats of Gang Issuing Counterfeit Driving Licenses

The staff, who requested to remain anonymous, further explained that they are issuing original documents, but the date of issuance dates back to three (3) years ago, and that the license would therefore, still be valid for ten (10) years because it will be charged to Kuwait from Istanbul right after issuance.

When asked about the validity of the ‘original’ license issued in Turkey, the staff mentioned that they have been working with a Kuwaiti official, and admitting that the deed is similar to bribery. The staff disclosed that the licenses they produce all have a file number at the Ministry of Interior (MoI).

Regarding this issue, a reliable source from the MoI advised the public and the expats in particular, to be wary in dealing with this group as all documents issued in this manner are considered counterfeit and are not authorized by the Generall Traffic Department. Furthermore, when such documents are discovered in one’s possession, legal sanctions will be applied.

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