Kuwait Announces New Collection System for Gov’t Fees & Fines

The Ministry of Interior has announced that it is in the process of completing a project, a first of its kind in Kuwait, which aims to collect fines from expatriates and citizens at 70 police stations through K-Net kiosks.

The step comes within the e-government project that makes the collection of fines easy, which will enable residents to settle their fees in various police stations using online facilities known as K-Net kiosks.

Kuwait Announces New Collection System for Gov’t Fees, Fines
Crediys: MOI

MoI Introduces New Collection Process for Travel Bans & Violations, Residence Fines

According to the ministry, the fines  that can be paid through the kiosks include payment for airline tickets of deportees by the sponsor; court payments to remove travel bans; fines for traffic violations; residency fees and fines; fines to settle citations issued by the Environmental inspectors and Community inspections, as shared in a report by the Arab Times Online.

At present, the Ministry of Interior in coordination with the Department Of Information System had worked on developing its Online Services feature in order to help users to have confidential access to their personal data in a quick and intelligent way.

Based on its official website, the Ministry of Interior handles services involving the following:

  • Passport Data for Kuwaitis
  • Election Record Data for Kuwaitis
  • Sponsorship Data
  • Residency Data with Immigration fines once the residency of Non-Kuwaitis expire
  • Visa Data
  • Driving Licenses Data
  • Vehicles Licenses Data
  • Traffic Violations and their Details
  • Travel Ban Data
  • Judgments Execution Data

In addition to the list, the ministry also provides visa status inquiry service.

As of the time of writing, the Ministry of Interior website was undergoing maintenance, but for those who want to access MOI website, you will need to log in with a user ID and password to avail the above-listed services.

Meanwhile, the K-Net kiosks which will soon be made available across 70 police stations in the country will help residents – both citizen and expats to settle their fines and other government-related fees in a simple and convenient manner.

Keep posted on this article as we will soon update the information on how to use the new facilities as soon as they become available in the country.

In the meantime, those who may have concerns about e-government services and facilities offered by the Ministry of Interior may address them via the MOI’s help page.

You can also review the detailed e-government services offered by the Ministry of Interior by visiting their homepage.

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