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Kuwait Announces New Collection System for Gov’t Fees, Fines

The Ministry of Interior has announced that it is in the process of completing a project, a first of its kind in Kuwait, which aims to collect fines from expatriates and citizens at 70 police stations through K-Net kiosks. The step comes within the e-government project that makes the collection of fines easy, which will [...]

Gov’t Clamps Down on Residency Permit Trafficking by Introducing Mandatory Tests for Expats Changing Professions

Residency in Kuwait has been an embattled uphill climb for many expats ever since the nationalisation programme was conceived in 2017. And while this may appear like an outright attack on foreign nationals, most of whom have been living in the Gulf State for many years already, the truth of the matter is, there is so [...]

Around 120,000 Illegal Expats Targeted by Govt’s Massive Immigration Campaign

We’ve seen how the government has designed legislation and tightened policies when it comes to immigration, work, and entry of foreign nationals in the country. The initiatives were classified in accordance with the national government’s bid to free up more jobs to nationals, and at the same time control the number of expat communities in [...]

MoI Denies Any Upcoming Amnesty for Visa Violators; PACI Urges Expats to Review Registration Records

In line with the scrapping of residency stickers, and implementation of the use of the updated Civil ID data, the government continues to remind concerned residents to make sure that their residency information is up to date in order to avoid any difficulties during their stay in the country. Also, with the newly set protocol [...]

2 Egyptians Arrested for Kidnapping Attempt of Pregnant Filipina

For many various reasons and at any given time, threats against law and order which could disrupt public safety and systems can happen anywhere in the world. And if the incident draws public attention, the event could easily get out of hand and beyond control. And as always, the burden of defusing a heated incident [...]

Interior Ministry Debunks General Amnesty Rumours

Perhaps for many foreign nationals working overseas, one of the most important news they can receive is that of general amnesties offered by the government. Not only will this be a big help for those with pending cases and violations with concerned ministries, but this (sometimes) will also present opportunities for them to go back [...]

MOI Transfers Domestic Unit to Social Affairs Ministry

In a recent dialogue at the National Assembly, Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Dr Hind Al-Sabeeh shared that her ministry has dealt with 447 cases reported by domestic workers from April 23 to July 26, 2018 to address the queries raised by MP Omar Al-Tabtabaei, as shared in a report by the Arab Times. [...]

MOI Raids Discover Illegal Domestic Labour Offices in Jahra

The Ministry of Interior (MOI) through its Domestic Workers Department Residency Affairs General Directorate has carried out a series of inspection activities targeting domestic labour offices in Jahra Governorate, as shared in a report by the Kuwait Times. ALSO READ: New Labour Recruitment Agreements with 4 Asian Countries The inspection campaign has resulted in the [...]

MoI Prods Visit Visa Violators to leave Kuwait

MOI Raids Discover Illegal Domestic Labour Offices in Jahra

The Ministry of Interior released a warning for all residents whose visit visas are no longer valid to clear up their residency status and to exit the country to be spared from legal repercussions, as shared in a report by the Kuwait Times. (ALSO READ: [Update] Kuwait Visit Visa Validity Now up to 1 Month [...]