Kuwait International Airport to Set up New Devices for Baggage Inspection

In its bid to enhance security measures within the airport perimeter, the Kuwait International Airport will soon upgrade its baggage inspection devices in the passport area as authorized by the Directorate-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

The said upgrade is expected to bolster security to its maximum level by installing new support devices in detecting explosives at the departure halls of the airport, as shared in a report by the Arab Times.

Kuwait International Airport view
Image Credit: The Times, Kuwait FB Page

Kuwait International Airport Bolsters Security Measures with New Baggage Inspection Devices to be Installed

To expedite the process, the DGCA has already requested the State Audit Bureau to submit a job offer for the replacement of traditional baggage detectors located in passport areas, and to install support devices for the detection of explosives within the departure areas.

To this, the State Audit Bureau has already given conditional authorization on the job offer for the said upgrade which amounts to around KD 600,000.

With its vision to become an active aviation centre in the region, such courses of actions are to be expected from the airport authorities.

To complement the new security protocols implemented to secure all passengers’ safety and to improve airline services, the installation of modern security devices should also be addressed. (ALSO READ: Screening of Returning Expats in Airports, Proposed)

This development certainly brings some welcome changes which will benefit all citizens, visitors, and staff of the Kuwait International Airport. And while the intention is very good, with new device installations underway, proper training and protocol measures need to be set in place, as well.

This should provide more opportunities for airport authorities to maximize the airport’s strengths and to work on improving its weak areas. After all, with the recent opening of Kuwait Airport’s T4, Kuwait is moving right along in the direction of becoming one of the region’s active aviation centres in terms of infrastructure and technological features.

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