Kuwait OFW Falls From a Building, Incident Surrounding her Death Under Investigation

A female overseas Filipino worker (OFW) tragically fell to her death in Kuwait last December 28 (Saturday).

As per the Ministry of Interior, they have opened an investigation over the incident which resulted in the death of the Filipina worker. It is said that she fell from the fifth floor of a building in Fintas, Kuwait. 

Kuwait OFW Falls From a Building, Incident Surrounding her Death Under Investigation
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OFW Falls From a Building in Kuwait, Incident Now Under Investigation 

The incident was first reported by an Egyptian caretaker of the building who immediately alerted police authorities regarding the incident, as shared in a report by the Arab Times Online

Meanwhile, the Operations Room of the Ministry of Interior acquired a report that paramedics rushed to the area and found the Filipina still breathing. She was immediately taken to the Adan Hospital.

Upon the Filipina’s arrival at the hospital, she was taken to the intensive care unit (ICU) of the hospital but doctors couldn’t revive her. 

The remains of the OFW will be referred to the Forensics while police investigations ensue. As of this writing, the identity of the Filipina remains unknown.

In other news, an Indian was reported to have committed suicide by hanging inside a power transformer located next to a hotel in Mangaf.  

In response to this, police and paramedics rushed at the site of the incident and saw the corpse of the man, born in 1994, dangling from a rope. An investigation is underway to determine the cause of suicide.

Hundreds and thousands of Filipino workers are currently based in Kuwait, and despite certain diplomatic setbacks over the years, this number continues to remain on the rise. 

And while the passing of the Filipina is still unknown, cases such as this are typically attributed to personal struggles, which could lead to mental health issues and depression.

In a report shared by the NCBI regarding the patterns of suicide in Kuwait, it shared that non-citizens constituted 87 % of cases, with regions that were more populated with an expatriate labor force having the highest suicide prevalence.

Meanwhile, as we wait for investigation results from police authorities, let us take the time to connect with our loved ones who are in Kuwait or anywhere overseas because the holiday season is typically the most emotionally difficult time for migrant Filipino workers, who are used to spending this season with loved ones back at home. Remember, your small effort to reach out will go a very long way in helping your loved ones overseas cope with homesickness or even depression for some.      

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