New Process for Minor Traffic Accidents Will Be Implemented this July

For those driving and holding a driving license in Kuwait, an updated version of Articles 41/2 and 41/5 of the Traffic Law will be fully implemented starting July 1st. The updated sections of the Traffic Law authorize police stations to issue reconciliation and settlement orders for minor traffic accidents.

The Public Relations and Security Media Department in the Ministry of Interior (MoI) shared that the purpose of the action is to help the public save time and effort in dealing with minor traffic accidents.

By EnGxBaDeR – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

New Procedure for Dealing with Minor Traffic Accidents Takes Effect this Month

The new reconciliation law for minor traffic accidents demands all parties involved in the incident, wherein no member(s) of any party suffer from grave injuries or death, to move their vehicles to the shoulder of the road so as not to hamper the flow of traffic.

The new procedure does not require those involved to send documents to court, thus expediting the process. Similarly, active personnel at police stations have underwent a training course to properly assist those who have been involved in a minor traffic accident and be issued a reconciliation order without having to wait for the traffic police to complete the transaction.

Furthermore, the new law maintains that if the parties involved in the minor accident fail to reach a settlement, the person deemed liable upon investigation, shall pay a fine of KD20 to the Traffic Sector, and submit a reconciliation note to the insurance company together with a representative from the other party involved in the incident who shall receive due compensation for damages.

However, if the parties involved decide not to move their vehicles off the road and wait for a traffic enforcer instead, a violation for obstructing traffic will be issued based on Article 133 of the executive decree on the Traffic Law as amended and sanctioned by ministerial decision number 2934/2016.

The new procedure had been first implemented in the Capital Governorate for trial purposes, but is now fully adopted and implemented by other governorates as well.

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