Gov’t Identifies System Glitch in Illegal Transfer of Expats in Private Sector

With the manpower movement becoming a staple issue in Kuwait these days, any irregularities noted in the process are put into spotlight right away.

This is especially important for expats more than anyone because the changes applied by the government deliberately affect what they are required to do in order to be allowed to work in the country, let alone be allowed to continue their stay here.

Gov’t Identifies System Glitch in Illegal Transfer of Expats in Private Sector

Illegal Transfer of Expats Facilitated by System Glitch – PAM

The Public Authority for Manpower admitted that a system glitch had allowed illegal transactions related to the transfer of labour, despite the fact that these are in violation of the conditions and regulations of PAM, as shared in a report by the Arab Times Online.

According to the report, several companies took advantage of the system error to transfer their labourers, most of whom had expired salary certificates, fully knowing that the law prohibits this practice.

As for their part, the Public Authority for Manpower gave immediate instructions to address the glitch in the system as soon as possible in order to get a hand on the violating transactions that ensued due to this incident.

In other news, police authorities are looking for an unidentified person who allegedly posed as a police officer and embezzled money from a Saudi national.

As per the victim’s statement, the suspect claimed to be a State Security officer and under a false pretext took KD 800 from the Saudi man.

The complainant recounted that the suspect accompanied him to the nearest ATM and waited for him to get the money fearing that he has violated the law, and so he was asked to pay for his freedom.

Feeling that he has been exploited, the Saudi man reported the incident to security officers which resulted to the investigation on the unknown man who will be facing charges of fraud and for impersonating a police officer.

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