WATCH: OFWs in Kuwait Line up in Long Queues for the Processing of their OECs

Summer time in Kuwait is no joke if you know how intemperate weather conditions can get in desert regions. However, OFWs in Kuwait are left without a choice but to endure the heat reaching up to 40 to 43 degrees due to the fact that the online processing of OEC and the OEC exemption are temporarily unavailable in the Gulf State after a series of bilateral rows between Kuwait and the Philippines.

In a Facebook Live post by Maxxy Santiago last June 3, a long queue of OFWs can be seen as they wait patiently under the sun outside of the POLO-OWWA office because the office is apparently filled with people inside.

OFWs line up for OEC
Image credit: screen grab from Maxxy Santiago FB page

Watch: OFWs in Kuwait Withstand Summer Heat to Get their OEC Documents

After a series of bilateral rows between the Philippines and Kuwait since early this year, the online processing of OECs had been recalled by the Philippine government. Now that the situation has somehow mellowed, many OFWs in the Gulf State are left to face with the problem of manually filing for their Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC), a document required for them to be allowed to return home to the Philippines.

As per Labour Attache Resty Dela Fuente, they have already sent word to their staff to stop making OFWs line up outside considering the current weather conditions in Kuwait. According to Dela Fuente, they are still awaiting the new guidelines regarding the Visa 20 (for domestic workers) from POEA.

Once this has been arranged, it is expected that the processing of OECs will eventually transition back online and will then be available for all OFWs in Kuwait.

Dela Fuente further explained that the new visa guidelines for domestic helpers will be released within the week.

Here is a clip of the situation of OFWs requesting for their OECs in Kuwait as posted by @maxxysantiago through her Facebook account:

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