PH and Kuwait Closely Work to Probe Death of Filipina Maid Constancia Dayag

In recent light of the news regarding yet another gruesome death of a Filipino domestic worker, officials from both countries are conducting thorough investigations as to what has actually transpired, in order to prevent yet another crack in the diplomatic ties between the Philippines ad Kuwait, as to what has happened just last year.

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The more pressing concern for Filipino authorities is that there has already been a memorandum of understanding signed by both nations in order to prevent exactly what just happened recently, following the gruesome murder of Filipina maid Joanna Demafelis and other cases of abuse reported last year.

PH, Kuwait Closely Work to Probe Maid’s Death
Credits: KUNA

PH Embassy Work with Kuwait Authorities to Probe Death of Filipina Worker, Constancia Lago Dayag

The Philippine Embassy in Kuwait, however, is still closely coordinating with Kuwaiti authorities in investigating the death of Filipino household worker Constancia Lago Dayag since there hasn’t been any official information released as to the actual cause of death of the Filipina, and no person of interest has been floated yet as the suspect for Dayag’s death, as shared in a report by the Kuwait Times.

According to Philippine Vice General Consul Charleson Hermosura, Dayag was brought to Sabah Hospital in the afternoon of May 14 from Qairawan, where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

Initial reports revealed that Dayag sustained various contusions and hematoma and signs of sexual assault. Hermosura also pointed out that nothing is conclusive as of yet because investigations are still on-going and that nothing can still be said in final about what really happened until the forensic investigation report comes out.

The vice consul explained that the Embassy is in “close coordination” with local authorities to gather evidence and investigate on the Filipina’s untimely death, and that a lawyer has already been assigned to handle the case of Dayag.

Regarding the possibility of a deployment ban on the Gulf State, the vice consul explained that nothing has been settled yet, and that it’s a ‘wait and see’ approach the mission is taking in Kuwait. Hermosura also pointed out that ultimately, the decision in calling a deployment ban will come from the central government in Manila. For the meantime, regular activities will push through for the mission in the Gulf State, as they monitor for crucial developments regarding the case and take on directives from Manila.

For his part, Charge d’affaires of the Philippine Embassy Mohd Noordin Pendosina Lomondot shared that they have already requested Kuwait’s general forensics and evidence department to expedite the release of the forensic report. This is usually processed in four to six weeks.

Meanwhile, the Minister of State for Economic Affairs Mariam Al-Aqeel emphasized Kuwait’s  keenness on protecting the rights of expat workers and those of domestic helpers in particular, adding that Kuwait does not tolerate any violation of expats’ rights.

Regarding the possibility of the Philippines’ move to place a ban on sending workers to Kuwait following the death of a Filipina housemaid, Aqeel pointed out that investigations are still underway, and that while such incidents happen every now and then, it cannot be taken to assess Kuwait’s keenness on protecting expat labourers.

She also explained that Kuwait is a state of institutions and that its judiciary is a safe haven for both citizens and expats.

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