Embassy Announces New Contract System for Filipino Domestic Workers

The Philippine Embassy in Kuwait has announced a new contract system for the recruitment of Filipino domestic workers looking for employment in Kuwait, according to a report by the Arab Times Online.

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One of the more notable provisions of the new contract system is that a domestic worker or a housemaid should not be taking care of more than four babies at a time.

Embassy Announces New Contract System for Filipino Domestic Workers
Image Credit: Philippine Embassy in Kuwait FB Page

New Contract System for Domestic Helpers Posted by Philippine Embassy in Kuwait

Under such circumstances, the employer is obliged to hire an additional helper. For this rule to be observed though, the employer has to provide correct details when applying for domestic services.

In the event that an employer has submitted incorrect household information upon application, the Philippine Embassy will hold the right to withdraw the domestic helper from employment once the case has been proven to be true.

Additionally, as per the new contract system, an employer is required to provide a separate room for the domestic helper. The room must have telephone and internet access for them to be able to make calls. And based on the memorandum of understanding signed by both Kuwait and the Philippines, all domestic helpers in the country must be granted at least one rest day per week.

The Philippine Embassy will also hold the right to check on the status and well-being of the domestic helper in the household they are assigned to.

The new contract system maintains that all employers must agree on the provision which grants representatives from the Philippine Embassy the right to visit their nationals in the domestic sector.

Regarding the visits, the Embassy will seek permission from the sponsor (employer) in advance to decide on the most suitable time to visit.

Furthermore, employers are obliged to agree on the provision by which the embassy can summon the sponsor in the event that a complaint arises between the two concerned parties.

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