Philippines “Sudden” Labor Ban on Kuwait Raises Concern Among Kuwaiti Officials and Execs

Last Jan. 19, the Department of Labour and Employment, as sanctioned by Pres. Rodrigo Duterte, issued a labor ban on OFWs to be deployed in Kuwait. The labour ban was due to the reported deaths of seven migrant workers in the Gulf State.

The ban took effect a day after Pres. Duterte‘s call to engage Kuwaiti execs in talks concerning a series of unfortunate passing of migrant Filipina workers in the Gulf state.The information surrounding the deaths had not been disclosed in detail.

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Kuwaiti Officials Seek to Engage in Discussions with Philippine Envoy to Lift the Labour Ban Soon

To this, Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah presided over a cabinet meeting to discuss the sudden turn of events.

Sheikh Sabah Al Khaled explained that the President’s basis for the ban had been founded on individual cases that do not necessarily reflect the majority, and that the cited cases have all been subjected to lawful and legal measures.

Moreover, Sheikh Sabah Al Khaled pointed out that the State of Kuwait has maintained a clean record in regard to the observance of human rights, to which expats have enjoyed their full rights.

He added that Kuwaiti laws and regulations are for promoting mutually-beneficial relations between employer and employees, which, in effect, has drawn more expats to work in the Gulf state.

The Foreign Ministry has already reached out to Philippine Ambassador to Kuwait, Mr. Renato Pedro Villa, and voiced out regret and concern over the president’s decision to halt the deployment of workers in Kuwait.

According to Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Al-Jarallah, the position by which the president had taken on counters the unique relational ties and mutual interests of both countries.

Al-Jarallah also cited the many freedoms and rights being enjoyed by the expat communities in the State which propelled an increase in the number of Filipino migrant workers to over 276,000.

Furthermore, the Kuwaiti officials expressed readiness to engage Filipino emissaries in discussions regarding terms and conditions of the Filipino side and to address the majority of the Filipinos’ problems as soon as possible.

The representatives of the Philippines were quick to commend the Ministry’s aid and assistance in dealing with the issue first-hand and expressed intent to positively move forward with the matter by recommending to the Philippine government to lift the ban soon.

Video of Suspension of OFWs in Kuwait

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