Popular Places to Visit in Kuwait

Have you finished creating your travel goals for 2018 yet? If you’ve decided on visiting Kuwait this year, you’re in luck because we’ll give you the run-down on where to you need to be for a fun and exciting vacation here in Kuwait.

Besides its unique culture and traditions, Kuwait is also home to several choice destinations for your dose of adventure, history, and relaxation. Check out these 8 popular places to visit when in Kuwait:

8 Popular Places to Visit When in Kuwait

By Scott Stimeare – originally posted to Flickr as kuwait-towers-3, CC BY 2.0

#1 Kuwait Towers

Considered as one of the most iconic landmarks and perhaps one of the country’s greatest architectural feats since its construction in 1979, the Kuwait Towers is undoubtedly one of the country’s more renowned destinations among tourists. Besides its magnificent stature, the Kuwait Towers also serves as the city’s water reservoir holding by as much as 10,000 m3 of water and source of electricity in some parts of the district. The Kuwait Towers is composed of three slim towers (two major towers and a minor tower) – the tallest of which, houses a revolving observatory which sits at 403 feet above sea level giving guests a 360-degree panoramic view of the Persian Gulf as they enjoy dining in the tower’s restaurant and other amenities such as gift shops and souvenir stores.

By Jaw101ie, CC BY 2.0

#2 Dhow Harbour

Before petroleum became a huge hit in the Middle East, Kuwait thrived on its maritime industry when ships or ‘dhows’ were then used by fishermen as well as divers to get quality pearls from the Persian Gulf. Dhow Harbour is the place where tourists can get a good look of the old ships and dhows that were used by Kuwaitis for fishing, pearl diving, and trading in the past.  Moreover, the visitors will get a chance to get on board the Fateh El-Kheir (meaning: brings good fortune), which is the largest and lone surviving wooden dhow in Kuwait.

By Rizwan Ahsan

#3 Failaka Island

If you’re a bit of a history nut, then you would definitely appreciate paying a visit to Failaka Island, which had been home to some 2,000 locals before the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait in 1990. The island is located 20 kms off the capital, right on the northern part of the Persian Gulf. Failaka Island had become among one of the more popular tourist attractions in the country because of its picturesque sceneries and landscape, vibrant ecology and temperate weather conditions especially in the spring. In addition, the island had also been developed for tourists allowing for exciting activities such as boating, fishing, sailing, swimming, and other water sports.

Image Credit: Ministry of Awqaf & Islamic Affairs – State of Kuwait

#4 Grand Mosque

Famous for its Islamic architecture and huge expanse covering 46,000 sq.m. of land area, the Grand Mosque is the official mosque of the State of Kuwait where the biggest and official Islamic celebrations are organized. Tourists can visit the mosque from 9 am to 5 pm during weekdays and go on a free guided tour. It’s a must especially for first-time visitors in the city as important facts and figures about the building as well as Islamic history will be discussed in detail in the free tour.

Image Credit: Ivan Vislocky, Flickr

#5 Doha Village in Kuwait

Visiting Kuwait’s Doha Village is like a trip to the past. Doha Village was the place where ships and dhows were constructed back in the day when Kuwait was best known for in its maritime trade. Visitors would find dhows and ship manufacturing materials as you would on a shipyard. However, after the Iraqi invasion, the Doha Village had been ransacked by the Iraqi army and little was left of the many dhows that were once used by Kuwaitis for doing business and trade.  Furthermore, in 1984, plans to change the Doha Village into an Entertainment City sprung up, and so a mini theme park was constructed in the history-rich site some 20 kms north west off the capital. With the new theme park attraction, guests will be treated to a wide range of entertaining activities such as games and park rides.

Image credit: Saleh AlRashaid, Flickr

#6 The Liberation Tower

Standing at 372-m. tall, the Liberation Tower is the second tallest building in Kuwait. More than its physical stature, this structure also represents Kuwait’s liberation from Iraq in 1991, which makes it a great place to visit on account of Kuwait’s rich history. The tower also houses a telecommunication complex split in three work divisions as well as a revolving mezzanine floor, observatory, and a restaurant. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience you can’t afford to miss when visiting Kuwait.

Image Credit: Kuwait Events Facebook Page

#7 Green Island

This piece of reclaimed land, which spans about 785,000 sq.m., can be found along Kuwait City’s coastline. Green Island is the first man-made island in the Arabian Gulf, and is considered a great vacation and relaxation spot by both locals and tourists alike. The island offers an exciting range of entertainment facilities including a Roman amphitheatre with 700-seating capacity, a 35-m tourist tower with an overhead water reservoir, which lets visitors get a panoramic view of the entire island. There’s also the Kid’s Castle complete with recreational rooms, an ascending spiral staircase, long corridors, and waterfalls which the kids and the whole family will surely enjoy. If you’re all a fan of the sun, sea, and the sand, then you surely don’t want to miss visiting this beautiful (albeit artificial) island in Kuwait.

Image Credit: Yousef Bohamed, Flickr

#8 Seif Palace Watchtower

If you haven’t noticed yet, much of what makes the tourist attractions in Kuwait so popular among locals and travellers is because of their amazing architecture. And the Seif Palace is not an exemption. The palace was constructed in 1896 by Sheik Mubarak for the Royal Family and is a great feat of Islamic Architecture in the history of Kuwait. Interestingly, however, the Royal household chose to reside in a different palace – the Bayan Palace, which is considered the Monarch’s official residence where his friends and dignitaries are accommodated. Be as it is, the Seif Palace is still an important landmark in Kuwait because this is where the Royal family holds special events and celebrations when the Bayan palace is unavailable.


When visiting a country such as Kuwait, it is important to take note of popular tourist destinations and to get an understanding as to why they are the places to visit. With Kuwait’s rich and proud history, you’ll surely learn a thing or two about its unique culture and traditional way of living which will surely add up to your travel experience.

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