WATCH: Pinay Gives Birth at Kuwait International Airport

Stories of our kababayan overseas are just as surprising if not interesting as the strange features viewed  on TV. And while we couldn’t tell how things will turn out in unfamiliar situations, it’s always great to know that through the help of other people, everything turns out just fine – a good story, indeed.

Working overseas is no easy feat as we would always say, and this is very much the case especially for pregnant women living alone in a country such as Kuwait, far from their family.

WATCH: Pinay Gives Birth at Kuwait International Airport
A screengrab of a video posted by Arab Times Kuwait FB Page


VIDEO: Homebound Filipina Gives Birth at International Airport in Kuwait

In a report shared by the Arab Times Online, a Filipina’s flight back home to the Philippines was cancelled from Kuwait City because was in labour and had to give birth inside an international airport in Kuwait.

As soon as airport personnel learned of the Filipina’s situation, they immediately notified the Ministry of Health which sent paramedics to attend to the woman as she was about to give birth at the location.

According to the report, the unnamed Filipina’s flight had been cancelled in order to assure safe delivery of her newborn, and to avoid complications from arising to both the mother and child.

Watch the video posted by the Arab Times Online FB Page here:

The situation could have been quite dangerous due to the sensitivity of the case of the woman, but it’s a good thing that authorities had the presence of mind and were quick to deal with the situation that must have been quite uncommon for them given the location of where it happened.

As a safety reminder though, for those who are travelling, it’s important that we get medically cleared by our doctors, especially when we know that long travels (or travelling in general) could pose a risk to our health. And while we’re glad that nothing bad happened to the woman, it’s always better to exercise critical decision making, especially in situations that could compromise our very own safety as well as of others, for that matter.

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