Foreign Nationals Arrested for Alleged Prostitution in Kuwait

One of the few reasons why the Kuwaiti government is clamping down on foreign nationals on visit visas is the fact that some of them take advantage of the system to commit illegal activities in the country.

With the government’s bid to level out the labour force in the country through the Kuwaitisation initiative,it is expected of authorities to weed out isolated, and even organized cases of illegal activities especially those related to foreign nationals from this point out.

Foreign Nationals Arrested for Sex Trade in Kuwait
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Foreign Women Incriminated for Alleged Sex Trade in Kuwait

Personnel from the vice-squad of the Criminal Investigations Department have taken four foreign women – two Spanish, a Romanian and a Czech national into custody for alleged involvement in the sex trade in the country on top of entering the country on visit visas, as shared in a report by Al-Rai Daily.

The foreign nationals were arrested in Mahboula and Bneid Al-Qar on two separate instances. Security men received a tip on two Spanish women who were selling sex in one of the apartments in Mahboula for KD 150 per hour.

Furthermore, the women involved in the trade allegedly posted their activities through porn sites and came to the country after receiving payment from their customers. With this information, authorities went on a search and arrest with a warrant issued by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, by which security men were authorized to raid the apartment and arrest the two women, along with a sum of money.

The two other women were tracked by authorities by their promotion on websites. They were also arrested in a similar fashion after receiving payment from police under cover.

The women were believed to have already received part of the money in advance from their customers. The Romanian was said to receive payment off KD 180 per hour. The foreign women were all taken to the Criminal Investigations Department for legal action and deportation.

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