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The Director General of Residency Affairs at the Ministry of Interior Major General Abdullah Al-Hajeri has authorized residency affairs departments in all six (6) governorates to issue visit visas valid for up to a month to the parents of expats. ALSO READ: New Visit Visa Rule for Expats’ Wives and Children Major General Al-Hajeri has [...]

New Visit Visa Rule for Expats’ Wives and Children

In a series of new rulings and countermeasures made by the Kuwaiti government to regulate the number of expats in the country, a new rule has been approved regarding the length of stay of expats’ wives and children on visit visas in the country, as shared in a report by the Arab Times. ALSO READ: [...]

MoI Prods Visit Visa Violators to leave Kuwait

MOI Raids Discover Illegal Domestic Labour Offices in Jahra

The Ministry of Interior released a warning for all residents whose visit visas are no longer valid to clear up their residency status and to exit the country to be spared from legal repercussions, as shared in a report by the Kuwait Times. (ALSO READ: [Update] Kuwait Visit Visa Validity Now up to 1 Month [...]

Before planning of going to Kuwait either for business, vacation, or to meet a relative, you need to apply for a visit visa first. Just last August 5 (Sunday), however, the Director General of the General Department for Residency Affairs, Major General Abdullah Al-Hajri, had released a circular to inform all residency affairs departments in [...]

Have you been planning to bring your family for a holiday vacation here in Kuwait? There are some great places you can go to, especially with the kids in tow. But before you start planning, there are some things that you need to attend to first. As with your any travels to other countries, there [...]