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How to Renew Your Civil ID in Kuwait

As an expat living in Kuwait, you must understand that you need to have valid and official documents with you all the time whenever you go around the city. Failure to do so could get you in trouble with the authorities.

The Civil ID of Kuwait is commonly referred to as “Bataka” in the Gulf State. As with other ID cards, your Civil ID has all your personal information and what makes this card important for you as an expat is that it is one of the requirements for you to process your transactions to send money abroad. That being said, whether your Civil ID is still valid or not, you need to know the procedures on how to renew this very important government document for as long as you plan to stay here in Kuwait. Here’s how:

Renewing Your Civil ID in Kuwait


  • Your original civil ID for renewal
  • The original and a photocopy (of the first and last page) of your nationality certificate
  • Your recent (4×6 cm) coloured photographs
    • Note: Photos should not be taken for face profile, with eyeglasses, or in military uniform. The background colour of the photo should not affect the clarity of the image.
  • Envelope
  • If the applicant cannot attend in person, a Power of Attorney from the Ministry of Justice must be secured


  1. For applicants above 18 years of age, you can go to the Public Authority of Civil Information HQ at the Citizens’ Office in Zahra, Ground Floor for the submission of requirements.

Note: Those below 18 years of age can renew their Civil ID through either of their parents, via the phone, or online.

  1. Fill out the service application form.
  2. Settle the fees for the smart card acquisition (5 KD) and courier envelope (0.250 KD).
  3. Collect the new smart card at the Public Authority of Civil Information HQ at Zahra, Reception Hall, 1st floor of the Checkers’ Building.


To know the validity of your Civil ID, you may enter the bar code number or serial number of your ID card on this website.