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How to Check Travel Bans in Kuwait

How to Check Travel Ban in Kuwait

The year-end will once again see a lot of people, typically families leaving or entering Kuwait for vacation getaways. But before you decide on where to visit next for your holiday time-off, have you considered checking if you have an existing travel ban on your records?  If so, you might be legally arrested upon leaving or entering [...]

Immigration Woes Continue to Haunt Expats with New Civil IDs

The government’s move to scrap the use of residency stickers on passports and to replace it with Civil IDs has proven to be more challenging than it is beneficial for resident expats in the Gulf State because there seems to be miscommunication with relevant departments and facilities that typically use these documents for regular transactions. [...]

Gov’t Reports Renewal of Residence Permits of 12,000 Domestic Workers in 2 Days

In line with the government’s decision to eliminate the need for residency stickers which causes long queues at immigration departments in various governorates, expats in Kuwait have begun to update their information details on their civil IDs, which will replace the requirement for residency stickers to be used to enter or exit the country from [...]

Civil ID to Replace Iqama Stickers as Proof of Residency

Recently, the government has announced that it will be officially scrapping the use of iqama stickers on foreign nationals’ passports in its bid to combat abuse of power by those who will have benefit from obtaining these documents as sanctioned by the kafala (or sponsorship) system. Meanwhile, all affected residents will be required to present [...]

Few Things to Note with the New Residency Scheme in Kuwait

As Kuwait transitions to going fully online when it comes to processing transactions, especially with matters managed by the government, the new iqama process has recently been implemented to benefit citizens, both expats and nationals. However, this move does not come without a few fine tuning adjustments, as explained by government officials and as expected [...]

Gov’t Incorporates Residency Data to Civil IDs

As new provisions under the immigration law have been set in place, citizens of Kuwait (both locals and expats) can expect new changes as to how the government will proceed with immigration procedures upon movement in the country. And while the benefits and direct effects have yet to be seen since the process will have [...]

PACI Opens a New Branch for Civil ID Collection

Last Sunday (October 28), the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) announced its plans of opening a new branch in Fahaleel Cooperative Society to accommodate more than one million citizens and residents within the Al-Ahmadi governorate according to a report by the Arab Times. ALSO READ:  How to Renew Your Civil ID in Kuwait According [...]

How to Renew Your Civil ID in Kuwait

As an expat living in Kuwait, you must understand that you need to have valid and official documents with you all the time whenever you go around the city. Failure to do so could get you in trouble with the authorities. The Civil ID of Kuwait is commonly referred to as “Bataka” in the Gulf [...]

How to Apply For a Civil ID in Kuwait

Every resident of Kuwait, both national and expatriate, needs to apply for a civil ID card within the 30-day period of issuance of their residency visa. Thie Civil ID card, also known as bitaqa-almadaniyah is an important document to prove your legal stay in the Gulf nation. The Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) is [...]