Gov’t Incorporates Residency Data to Civil IDs

As new provisions under the immigration law have been set in place, citizens of Kuwait (both locals and expats) can expect new changes as to how the government will proceed with immigration procedures upon movement in the country.

And while the benefits and direct effects have yet to be seen since the process will have to be implemented yet, officials from various consulates have already verified the changes to be imposed and have shared information as to how their respective nationals will proceed from this point on.

Gov’t Incorporates Residency Data to Civil IDs

Kuwait Civil IDs to Contain Residency Data of Citizens, Expats

The Egyptian consulate has shared in an announcement that Kuwaiti authorities have released a new resolution pertaining to foreign residency laws as well as its amendments, as shared in a report by the Kuwait Times.

The amendments as per the report, include new regulations cancelling the need for residency stickers (iqama) on expats’ passports, among others.

Moreover, the Egyptian consulate noted that all Kuwaiti exits will allow foreign nationals entry into the country using their Civil IDs from March 10, for as long as they hold valid documents (passports and Civil IDs), since all residency data will now be stored on Civil IDs.

Meanwhile, Minister of State for Economic Affairs Mariam Al-Aqeel shared an update regarding the development of electronically linking recruitment between Kuwait and Egypt is still in progress.

Aqeel emphasized, however, that the establishment of e-linkages with Egypt or any other countries does not mean that Kuwait is opening its doors to hiring more foreign labourers from those countries.

The minister further explained that the basic goal for the new system is to put an end to fake contracts and visa trafficking.

This would be possible by regulating the recruitment of foreign labour under digital supervision of Kuwait and the concerned country. At this point, Aqeel shared that the manpower authority is still working on finalizing the needed procedures to facilitate this digital service.

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