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Cost of Domestic Helper Recruitment on the Rise in Kuwait

The pandemic has displaced many workers both domestic and overseas. This change has affected the market greatly, affecting the cost of labor in countries such as Kuwait and the Middle East. READ ALSO: Working in Kuwait as Domestic Helper? Get Approval of Sponsor First – PH Embassy Recently, the Kuwaiti market has begun to employ [...]

Gov’t Releases Protocols On Quarantine, Travel and Entry for Foreign Domestic Workers

According to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, returning foreign domestic workers to Kuwait who have not yet been vaccinated would be subject to a 14-day institutional quarantine. They will also be required to submit a negative PCR test, which must be completed within 72 hours of their arrival in Kuwait. They will be subjected [...]

Working in Kuwait as a Domestic Helper? Get Approval of Sponsor First – PH Embassy

Despite the success in hiring domestic workers from the Philippines, the situation for expats is different. Expatriates must now receive sponsor clearance and have a minimum salary of KD 2500 in order to hire Filipino domestic employees. While some were surprised to learn that expatriate families were not permitted to bring house maids from the [...]

Senior Citizen, 2 Domestic Helpers Ask to be Rescued from Abusive Employer

In recent years, the Philippines has made numerous measures to safeguard the welfare of Filipino domestic workers in Middle Eastern countries, particularly Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. This is due to the high number of documented incidences of abuse and maltreatment of Filipino workers. Sadly, despite ongoing efforts, there are still reported incidences of abuse directed [...]

Here Are the New Conditions to Refund Fees for Kuwaitis, Domestic Helpers on the Belsalamah Platform

Domestic workers and Kuwaiti residents have a special procedure on the Belsalamah platform that allows them to seek a fee refund after signing up for a new contract at a domestic labor recruitment office. The website outlined different processes for getting your payments refunded up to KD 490. If the sponsor changes his mind and [...]

Kuwait Finally Lifts Ban on Filipino Domestic Helpers

Great news for Filipino domestic helpers! The long wait is finally over – the Kuwait government has confirmed that the ban on Filipino domestic helpers has now been lifted. READ ALSO: Salary of a Domestic Helper and Some Tips for Working in Kuwait Khaled Al-Dakhnan of the Federation of Domestic Labor Offices made the official [...]

Kuwait Follows After Saudi Ban on the Use of the Word ‘Maids’ in Adverts

The use of the word, ‘maid’ in advertisements and job postings is no longer allowed in Kuwait as per the Kuwaiti Ministry of Commerce. READ ALSO: Increase in Absconding Cases of Domestic Workers Alarms Employers, Kuwait Authorities According to the ministry, the purpose of this decision is to uphold the dignity of those expat workers, [...]

Gov’t Issues Hundreds of New Work Visas for Filipino Domestic Helpers

Kuwait authorities on Sunday (March 15) issued hundreds of visas for Filipino domestic workers after the recruitment ban that lasted for more than a year. According to officials, domestic labour offices issued the new visas to workers from the Philippines in preparation for the signing of contracts by the Philippine Embassy in the coming days, [...]

PH-Kuwait Employment Agreement Gets Full Implementation

Looking back at 2018, it can be said that not many good things had happened in terms of diplomatic ties between the Philippines and Kuwait. For one, there was the death of an OFW which resulted to the deployment ban of Filipino workers in Kuwait. And then there was the covert rescue mission by the [...]

Gov’t Tightens Visa Approvals on 6 Nationalities, Plans to Impose Job Tests for Expats

Despite all the hardships of Filipino domestic helpers who are sometimes subjected to difficult work conditions and at times even cases of abuse; some are still determined to deliver the best kind of service and offer loyalty to the families that have given them employment and decent treatment. And for this reason, migrant groups and [...]