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PH-Kuwait Employment Agreement Gets Full Implementation

Looking back at 2018, it can be said that not many good things had happened in terms of diplomatic ties between the Philippines and Kuwait. For one, there was the death of an OFW which resulted to the deployment ban of Filipino workers in Kuwait. And then there was the covert rescue mission by the [...]

Gov’t Tightens Visa Approvals on 6 Nationalities, Plans to Impose Job Tests for Expats

Despite all the hardships of Filipino domestic helpers who are sometimes subjected to difficult work conditions and at times even cases of abuse; some are still determined to deliver the best kind of service and offer loyalty to the families that have given them employment and decent treatment. And for this reason, migrant groups and [...]

PH-Kuwait Employment Agreement Gets Full Implementation

Maj Gen Talal Maarafi from the Interior Ministry’s Residency Affairs announced last Dec. 17 (Monday) that the government has come up with the decision to not lift reported cases of absconding domestic helpers to the department. Moreover, any absconding domestic helper arrested by security authorities will be subject for immediate deportation, Maarafi shared. The said [...]

[WATCH] Fellow-OFWs Rescue a Friend Locked up by Employer in Kuwait

In a report shared by GMA’s 24 Oras last Tuesday (Oct. 23), an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) was rescued by her friends after her employer locked her up in their residence for two days. ALSO READ: Majority of Filipino Household Workers Still without a Weekly Day-off Honie Grace Cortez dela Cerna and Regina Valdez put [...]

Domestic Workers Are Required to Undergo Medical Screening upon Return to Work in Kuwait

Domestic workers on vacation are now urged to undergo medical screening prior their return to work in Kuwait, as shared in a report by the Gulf News. ALSO READ: Screening of Returning Expats in Airports, Proposed The General Department for Resident Affairs at the Interior Ministry appealed to agencies and employers of domestic workers to [...]

In light of the recent controversy brought about by the distasteful disapproval of a social media influencer regarding the labour provisions of the law on domestic helpers in Kuwait, the sad reality is that a wide majority of domestic helpers do not get the prescribed weekly day off, despite the legal provisions to do so. [...]