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Gov’t to Implement New Systems in Renewal and Transfer of Residence among Private Sector Employees

As the government continues to implement restrictions to curb the number of expat employees not only in the public sector but also in the private sector, new systems are continuously being introduced to meet the national programme’s (Kuwaitization) goals and to address the disparity in worker and resident demographics. ALSO READ: Number of Non-Kuwaiti Employees [...]

How to Submit a Labour-Related Complaint in Kuwait

All workers in Kuwait reserve the right to submit a grievance or a complaint to their employer and to the Labour Relations Department. Do note, however, that those working in the domestic services, such as chauffeurs and maids, are not covered by any particular code (public/private sector), and will have to depend on general principles [...]

Panel Passes Labour Law Amendments in Favour of Expats in Kuwait

For the longest time, a lot of onlookers, outsiders, and rights groups have seen Kuwait as “anti-expat” based on how the government has dealt its hand in establishing laws and initiatives that do not seem to do more for the huge expat community living in the Gulf state as opposed to what is expected of [...]