Why Work in Kuwait

Despite being a small Arab country, Kuwait is one of the more popular locations for expats to move in for work and to build a career. This is backed by the fact that almost two-thirds of Kuwait’s population is comprised of expatriates from various parts of the world.

Now, if you’re wondering what makes Kuwait such an appealing destination for expats, here’s why:

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3 Reasons to Move to Kuwait

  1. Kuwait’s economy is one of the strongest in the region due to its thriving oil industry.

Much of the country’s economic growth and stability can be attributed to its thriving oil industry. 50% of the country’s gross domestic income and 90% of the government profit comes from oil products. Because of the oil industry’s strong performance in the last decade up to present, the Kuwaiti government was able to boost its education system and expand its social security system. However, expats are only able to partly benefit from this because of current restrictions and sanctions which affect healthcare and driving in the country.      

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  1. No political strife in Kuwait’s horizon

While some people may be concerned about the political situation in the Middle East because of the history of uprisings within the Arab world in the last decade, notably in 2010 and 2011, Kuwait still remains to be one of the safest places in the Middle East with its low crime rates and progressive views on political equality and suffrage. Moreover, Kuwait is known to have a decent and conservative government led by the head of the state, known as Emir, and having the longest directly-elected parliament within the Persian Gulf region.

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3. Kuwait has an Attractive Job Market for Expats

It’s no secret that Kuwait’s thriving oil industry reels in most of the expats from various countries, but other fields and professions including the finance, sales, marketing, and business development sectors are quickly keeping in step with the oil trade which means more work opportunities for both local and foreign professionals. Moreover, younger expats can vie for government posts based on qualifications, significant work experience and social contributions. Finally, it’s also important to note that all your earnings are 100% tax-free here in Kuwait unlike in most parts of the world.

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In case you’re unsure about moving to Kuwait, know that the numbers do not lie. Over 70 per cent of Kuwait’s total population is comprised of expats from all over the world. The country’s openness to different cultures, attractive compensation packages, and rapid modernization makes Kuwait one of the choice destinations for expats from all over the world.

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