Two Kuwaiti Women who Assaulted Filipino Worker Arrested

Working overseas such as in Kuwait or in other parts of the world exposes foreign nationals to various forms of discrimination and abuse. And while misunderstandings could happen anywhere, racial differences or colour should not be the basis of superiority over others, especially when physical or any form of abuse ensues.

Other than asserting our rights in such situations, it is also the government’s responsibility to protect all of its residents against such forms of injustice or intolerance.

Two Kuwaiti Women who Assaulted Filipino Worker Arrested
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Restaurant Employee Beaten Up by 2 Kuwaiti Women

In line with this, two Kuwaiti women who allegedly beat up a Filipino employee at a popular restaurant in Jahra are facing multiple charges as shared in a report by the Arab Times Online.

According to security reports, when the Operations Room of the Ministry of Interior received a report on this incident, security officers were immediately deployed to the location and requested the two women to present their civil IDs to determine their identities.

However, the two women refused and insulted the security officers in public. One of the two women defiantly shot at the officers claiming that “they do not have to answer to anyone except to a ranked officer.”

To this, the Head of Jahra Police Station who is ranked as “Colonel” rushed to the location, but the two women still refused to talk and present their civil IDs. Eventually, they gave their Civil ID numbers to the officers on-site.

The Kuwaiti women were both asked to come to the police station. However, when they arrived they refused to step out of their vehicle. And so, the station head had to conduct investigations while the two Kuwaiti women were inside their vehicle.

Two cases have been filed against them, one by the Filipino employee and the other by the police officer who was insulted at the restaurant.

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