MOI to Deport Expats Caught in New Year Wild Parties

The Ministry of Interior (MOI) is considering a new initiative known as an ‘expanded security campaign’ for the upcoming New Year celebrations as shared in a report by the Al Anba Daily.

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The initiative shall focus on public security, criminal investigation, as well as rescue and traffic departments. The campaign will target recklessness, and uncivilized behaviour mostly involving young people along the Gulf Road and other major spots in the city.

MOI to Deport Expats Caught in New Year Wild Parties

Expats Caught in New Year Wild Parties to be Deported – MOI

As per the campaign plan, security officers will observe certain apartments in suspicious buildings and restrooms, particularly in crowded bachelors areas – of both citizens and residents. Anyone who is caught engaging in any act of recklessness and indiscretion will be transferred to the Directorate General for Deportation and will be banned entry from the country in the future.

The government has been sending out warnings every year regarding rowdy behaviour and wild parties which can disrupt public order, and has been very strict in dealing with such cases even on dates considered as festive periods in other countries.

On that note, expats are required to observe proper decorum at all times, and consider public order and safety when celebrating special events or occasions so as not to get into trouble with the law.

After all, Kuwait is highly conservative and is a Muslim country at that, so it’s very important to behave accordingly, especially in public. Even parties held in private residences must not cause a commotion, especially in residential areas, as there have been instances where those caught partying indiscriminately inside their own flats were reported by their neighbours and were made to answer to the law. This time, however, the stakes are much higher because other potentially dealing with hefty fines and imprisonment, violators will also be subject to deportation.

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