List of Emergency Numbers in Kuwait

In Kuwait, it is essential to be aware of the emergency numbers that can be dialed in case of an unexpected incidents such as accidents. These numbers provide quick access to the authorities and emergency services that can respond to different types of emergencies.

Whether you are a resident or a visitor to Kuwait, having a list of emergency numbers at your disposal can help you stay safe and prepared in times of crisis. This article will provide you with a comprehensive list of emergency numbers in Kuwait that you should keep handy at all times.

List of Emergency Numbers in Kuwait

Kuwait is generally considered a safe country to live in or visit. The crime rate in Kuwait is relatively low, and the government has taken several measures to ensure the safety and security of its citizens and visitors.

However, like any other country, Kuwait is not completely free from crime or risks. There have been occasional incidents of petty theft, pickpocketing, and scams targeting tourists and expatriates.

It is important to take necessary precautions such as avoiding carrying large sums of cash, staying alert in crowded areas, and being cautious when dealing with strangers.

It is also advisable to follow the local laws and customs to avoid any legal issues. In summary, while Kuwait is a generally safe country, it is always wise to exercise caution and common sense to stay safe.

But in case you find yourself in an emergency situation in Kuwait, it is important to have access to the right contact numbers. The Kuwaiti government has taken several steps to limit the crime rate and ensure the safety of its citizens and residents.

One such measure is the provision of emergency contact numbers for the police, ambulance, and fire services. The most important number to remember is 112, which is the universal emergency number in Kuwait.

Numbers to Take Note of When in Kuwait

In addition to this, there are several other emergency contact numbers for electricity, water, and works emergencies, as well as specific numbers for each governorate in Kuwait.

Keeping these numbers handy can help you quickly access the assistance you need in an emergency situation.

Fun Trivia: Did you know that in Kuwait, the most important number to remember for police, ambulance, and fire services is 112? Also, did you know that each governorate in Kuwait has its own emergency contact number? The Capital Governorate is 22445560, Hawalli Governorate is 22627000, Farwaniya Governorate is 24761736, Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate is 25443556, Ahmadi Governorate is 23989333, and Jahra Governorate is 24573444. Find out more about the different emergency numbers in Kuwait and what they’re used for.

If you need assistance from specific governorates, here are the numbers you can call:

  • Capital Governorate: 22445560
  • Hawalli Governorate: 22627000
  • Farwaniya Governorate: 24761736
  • Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate: 25443556
  • Ahmadi Governorate: 23989333
  • Jahra Governorate: 24573444

Kuwait Municipality also has emergency centers you can contact:

  • Capital Emergency: 1855555
  • City Emergency: 1844448
  • Hawalli Emergency: 1855550
  • Farwaniya Emergency: 1855551
  • Mubarak AlKabeer Emergency: 1854444
  • AlAhmadi Emergency: 1852222
  • AlJahra Emergency: 1855552

For maintenance and complaints, here are the numbers to call:

  • Complaints of Consumer Protection – Ministry of Commerce and Industry: 135
  • Hotline of Kuwait Municipality: 139
  • Hotline of Ministry of Health: 151
  • Kuwait International Airport: 161
  • Public Institution for Social Security: 114
  • Civil Service Commission: 1828888 – 133
  • Works Emergency: 150

If you need to report an emergency regarding utilities, here are the numbers you can call:

Electricity Emergency Centers

  • Salmiya Electricity Emergency: 25713850 / 25712259
  • Shuwaikh Electricity Emergency: 24831781
  • Al Jahra Electricity Emergency: 24581055 / 24578180
  • AlSalam Electricity Emergency – Southern Al Surra: 25312520 / 25312521
  • Kheitan Electricity Emergency: 24712314 / 24722937
  • Fahaheel Electricity Emergency: 23915300 / 23911333
  • Kuwait City Electricity Emergency: 24847329 / 24847041
  • Hawali Electricity Emergency: 25312567 / 25312520
  • Al Abduli Electricity Emergency: 99025416

Water Emergency Centers

  • Shuwaikh Water Emergency: 24832933 / 24832798
  • Al Sulaibikhat Water Emergency: 24674568 / 24670239
  • Al Jahra Water Emergency: 24555231 / 24553640
  • Salmiya Water Emergency: 25642775 / 25642955 / 25642311
  • Hawalli Water Emergency: 22627729 / 22627728
  • Al Ahmadi Water Emergency: 23984926 / 29384755
  • Jaber Al-Ali Water Emergency: 23840017 / 23840018

Works Emergency Centers

  • Works Emergency: 150
  • Capital Works Emergency: 24834044 / 24818725
  • Hawalli Works Emergency: 25713154 / 25713299
  • Mubarak Al-Kabeer Works Emergency: 23902307
  • Farwaniya Works Emergency: 24893755 / 24895804
  • Al Ahmadi Works Emergency: 23980134 / 23981521
  • Al Jahra Works Emergency: 24578532 / 24578500

Emergency Services in Kuwait

Kuwait has a range of emergency services that are available to its residents and visitors. These services are designed to respond quickly to a wide range of emergencies, from medical emergencies to natural disasters.

  1. Ambulance Service: The ambulance service responds to medical emergencies, including accidents, heart attacks, strokes, and other life-threatening situations.
  2. Fire Service: The Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD) is responsible for providing fire protection and rescue services in Kuwait. The fire service responds to fires, explosions, gas leaks, and other emergency situations.
  3. Police Service: The Kuwaiti police service is responsible for maintaining law and order in the country. The police service responds to a wide range of emergency situations, including criminal activities, accidents, and other incidents.
  4. Coast Guard: The Kuwait Coast Guard is responsible for maritime security in Kuwaiti waters. The Coast Guard responds to emergencies such as boat accidents, water rescues, and maritime security issues.
  5. Electricity and Water Emergencies: The Kuwait Ministry of Electricity and Water is responsible for providing electricity and water to the residents of Kuwait.
  6. Natural Disasters: In case of natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and storms, the Kuwaiti government activates its National Emergency Committee.

Where OFWs can seek help or assistance

OFWs, or Overseas Filipino Workers, in Kuwait can seek help and assistance from various organizations in case of emergency or other issues.

One such organization is the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait, which provides consular services, including passport renewals, notarizations, and assistance in cases of arrest or detention.

Another organization that can assist OFWs is the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA), which offers a range of services, including emergency repatriation, legal assistance, and training programs.

Additionally, the Kuwait Society for Human Rights (KSHR) is a non-governmental organization that offers assistance to migrant workers, including OFWs, who have experienced abuse, exploitation, or other human rights violations.

OFWs can also seek help and advice from their respective recruitment agencies, labor attaches, or other organizations that provide support for migrant workers in Kuwait.

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The vlogger also shares their insights on what it’s like to live in the Middle East and how to thrive in the region. They provide valuable advice on cultural etiquette, such as dressing modestly and respecting local customs, and offer suggestions on how to make the most of your time in Kuwait, including places to visit and things to do.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the emergency number in Kuwait?

The emergency number in Kuwait is 112, which can be dialed from any phone in the country.

2. What services can I access through the emergency number?

The emergency number in Kuwait provides access to a range of emergency services, including police, fire, ambulance, and coast guard services.

3. Can I dial the emergency number from a mobile phone?

Yes, you can dial the emergency number from any mobile phone in Kuwait. However, it’s important to note that you should have a Kuwaiti SIM card to be able to use your phone in the country.

4. Do I need to know Arabic to use the emergency number?

No, you don’t need to know Arabic to use the emergency number. Operators at the emergency services speak English and Arabic and can assist you in either language.

5. Is there a specific time when the emergency number is operational?

The emergency number in Kuwait is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including on public holidays.

6. How quickly do emergency services respond to a call?

Emergency services in Kuwait are trained to respond to calls promptly, with response times varying depending on the nature and severity of the emergency.

7. What should I do if I accidentally dial the emergency number?

If you accidentally dial the emergency number, it’s important to stay on the line and inform the operator that it was a mistake. This will help ensure that emergency services are not dispatched unnecessarily.

8. Are there any other emergency numbers I should be aware of in Kuwait?

In addition to the emergency number 112, you should also be aware of the number 152 for electricity and water emergencies. It’s also a good idea to keep a list of emergency contacts on hand in case of any other non-life-threatening emergencies.

Final Thoughts

In summary, being aware of emergency numbers in Kuwait is crucial for everyone’s safety and wellbeing. The emergency number 112 provides access to a range of emergency services, including police, fire, ambulance, and coast guard services.

In addition to this, knowing other emergency numbers such as 152 for electricity and water emergencies is also important. Moreover, in case of any issues, OFWs can seek help from various organizations, including the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait, OWWA, and the Kuwait Society for Human Rights. By keeping these emergency numbers and resources at hand, everyone can stay safe and protected in Kuwait.

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