By the Numbers: Kuwait’s Labour Force

With the government’s drive to provide more jobs for Kuwaitis and to regulate the entry and stay of expats in the country, one must wonder how different nationals and expats are being treated in terms of salary and labour conditions.

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In this post we highlight the facts and figures relating to labour and earnings of the citizens of Kuwait, as presented in a report by the Kuwait Times.

By the Numbers: Kuwait’s Labour Force

Here’s what Kuwait’s Labour Force Looks Like

On average, male Kuwaiti workers in the public sector earn around 1769 KD a month whereas female Kuwaiti workers in the same field earn about 1265 KD a month – an 8.39% difference in favour of Kuwaiti male employees.

On the other hand, male non-Kuwaiti workers in the public sector (government) earn about 710 KD a month whereas their female counterparts earn about 656 KD – roughly a 2.8% difference in earnings in favour of men.

And while it’s clear that Kuwaitis earn significantly more than non-Kuwaitis in the same post, it can be said that there is fairer pay in terms of gender when it comes to non-Kuwaitis versus the nationals.

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Here is the scenario in the private sector: On average, male Kuwaiti employees earn about 1,387 KD a month, whereas female Kuwaiti employees in the same field earn around 835 KD a month. Both genders earn less than those holding positions in the public sector.

On the other hand, male non-Kuwaiti employees in the private sector earn around 261 KD a month while their female counterparts receive around 375 KD per month, which is 7.43 % higher than what male non-Kuwaitis in the same field earn on the average.

Based on these numbers, it is quite clear to see the difference between how much Kuwaitis and non-Kuwaitis earn in their respective fields. Do take note, however, that these are only averages and do not represent all jobs in Kuwait or factor the person’s professional credentials and achievements in relation to his/her job.

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