Kuwait: A Great Destination for Finding a Job in the Gulf

Moving to a foreign location for a lucrative job is a smart move to boost your career. The state of Kuwait is one such popular global work destinations that offer several reasons for why you should look for a job in the country. Whether it is finance, healthcare, teaching, manufacturing or any other field, excellent career opportunities are available for job seekers in Kuwait every year.

Here’s more on what makes Kuwait a great international destination to live and work:

1. Economy and Career

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With an estimated gross domestic product of over US$ 181 billion in 2015, Kuwait is one of the countries with the lowest rate of unemployment in the world. The country has an open economy that majorly relies on its oil resources. However, expatriates can find job opportunities in various other sectors including construction, real estate, healthcare, education, hospitality and banking. The ‘Kuwait 2035’ vision is a development plan that focuses on transforming Kuwait into a commercial and financial hub that attracts more investments ensuring human development and making private sectors lead the economic activities.

2. Social Security

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For expats, social security is a key factor in choosing any foreign country for work. Around two-third of Kuwait’s workforce comprises of foreign nationals. The companies in Kuwait offer a comprehensive social security system and provide their employees with various employment benefits such as corporate pension scheme, health insurance, medical allowance, etc. The absence of income tax on earnings makes it an attractive destination for job seekers.

3. Culture & Architecture

kuwait architecture

Kuwait’s welcoming culture and traditional values are one of the reasons to attract job seekers to live and work there. The Arab nation is known for its hospitality and people greet each other with respect. Kuwaitis follow a liberal dressing style and women wear a traditional outfit called ‘abaya’.

The architectural history of Kuwait dates back to the 18th century. International architects constructed most of the well-known architectural marvels in the country. For instance, the popular Kuwait Towers were designed by a Swedish architect, while the National Assembly of Kuwait was designed by world renowned Danish architect in 1972.

4. Cuisine

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When it comes to food, Kuwait is well-known for its cuisines. Its national dish called Machboos is popular and made of fish, chicken and mutton placed on top of rice. Some other delicacies include Shaurba and Mezza. Kuwaitis follow a traditional style of cooking food in a pot over charcoal that makes it palatable for the taste buds. A variety of tea is also served such as green tea, black tea, lemon tea, chamomile, and peppermint tea.

5. Lifestyle

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Kuwait offers a great lifestyle to its people. There are several things to explore in the country such as museums, shopping centers, amusement parks, beaches, and popular sights & landmarks. Alcohol is forbidden and the crime rate is also low in the country. With the construction boom in Kuwait, one can easily find accommodation.

A life in Kuwait has much more to offer, ranging from discovering the mesmerizing countryside to experiencing Hala February festival, gaining intercultural experience and relishing Kuwaiti dishes. Hence, if you get an opportunity to look for a work assignment in the Gulf, Kuwait can be one of the best destinations to give you a perfect blend of a promising career and a happy life!

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