Tips on How to Find a Job in Kuwait

Finding a job in the Middle East can be a very enticing goal to pursue, especially for first-time OFWs because of the higher salary and the opportunity to work in a new environment where fellow Filipinos abound, not to mention the tax-free living you get to enjoy in these countries.

In this post, we share some helpful tips on how to find a job in Kuwait – the smart and easy way. So if you’re ready, you better get you pen and paper at hand or you may also bookmark this page and share it with friends who may also be planning to work in the Gulf State.

Tips on How to Find a Job in Kuwait

Helpful Tips on Finding a Job in Kuwait

  1. List down all your skills that would be needed for the job you wish to apply for and present them in basic English . Though you may end up with a competent manager, the recruiter who will be screening your resume may not be proficient in language, and English might be his or her second language.
  2. Tap into the network of recruitment agencies supplying Kuwait’s workforce. You can begin sending your resume to websites like com, Gulftalent, Indeed, KUD, Linkedin, and Naukri, as these are few of the most popular and widely-used networks in the Gulf State.
  3. Check if your former employer and/or their competitors have operations in the State of Kuwait. Talents with experience are preferred over new applicants. With the right connections and strategic planning, companies will see the value in what you can offer.
  4. Review Kuwait’s Labour Laws so you would know what to ask in the event you get invited for an interview.
  5. Build your network. Make sure that your profiles on job search portals such as Linkedin and the ones mentioned above (point #2) are complete and up-to-date. Check with locals on which companies currently have an opening.
  6. Check which of your skills set matches with the industries on demand in Kuwait as of the moment (e.g, oil, infrastructure, banking and power generation). To be sure, read about news and current job trends online.
  7. Set your goals when getting a job since permanent residency is no longer offered by the State. It would be ideal to define a specific time frame as to how you can further your skills and career in the Arab country, and keep potential prospects at bay until such time you can move on.
  8. Take into consideration the cost of living in the country. While it’s true that Kuwait offers tax-free living at the moment, make sure to factor in the possibility of moving in with family, schooling, and other things to know if your pay scale matches your living expenditures.


Living and working in a country such as Kuwait can be an exciting yet overwhelming move for many expatriates and Filipinos, in particular.  To be on the safe side, make sure that you do everything by the rules and only seek assistance from reliable government agencies when the need arises.

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