Kuwait Bans “Kiki Dance Challenge”, Slaps KD 100 to Violators

For anyone who’s familiar with Kuwait’s high value for their customs and traditions, it won’t come as a surprise that not much trending entertainment antics in the country has surfaced on the internet as they do elsewhere in the world.

And that has certainly been the case for this particular type of trending dance craze known as “The Kiki Dance Challenge” on social media. Scholars from Kuwait’s religious sectors have warned the public not to join in this online challenge as it is forbidden by law as well as by the teachings of Islam.

A Screengrab of the video uploaded by user Tasty Food on YouTube

Kuwait Slaps Kiki Dance Challenge Participants with KD 100 Fine

Aside from the religious and legal violations to be incited by joining in the dance challenge, there are also potential dangers that need to be addressed such as those by participants who attempt to leave their moving cars in the middle of the road as they dance to Drake’s “In My Feelings”.

According to Dr. Ahmad Al-Haji Al Kurdi, a member of the Fatwa Board in the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, participating in such acts not only violates Kuwaiti laws but it also places people at risk to the dangers of such irresponsible stunts. Mr. Hamoud  Al-Qasha’an, the Dean of the College of Social Sciences at the Kuwait University, is also rallying against the growing participation and performance of such acts in public.

A representative from the Ministry of Interior (MoI), Captain Abdullah Bu Hassan, has also warned the public not to participate in the Kiki Dance Challenge or else they would end up being slapped with a KD 100 fine and be sentenced to  serve at least three months’ jail time.

The “Kiki Dance Challenge” videos which have already gone viral have directly violated Traffic Laws, according to Brigadier Tawheed Al-Kandari, the Director General of Public Relations and Security Media General Department of the MoI. Punishments for such acts include impounding of the violator’s vehicle used in the act on top of the citation to be issued to the erring/misbehaving motorist.

With these penalties already in place, Kuwaiti authorities are looking to stop the prevalence of the dance challenge as soon as possible.

Here is a clip of the Kiki Dance Challenge which has gone viral in Kuwait:


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