Wear Glasses if you’re above 40 before Renewing your Driving License in Kuwait

Each country has a certain set of requirements and guidelines implemented for the application and renewal of driving license.

However, in Kuwait, if you are above 40 years of age, you need to provide a photograph of yourself wearing glasses. Otherwise, you will be requested to visit an eye clinic to check if you can see properly, as shared in a report by the Kuwait Times.

Applicants above 40 Years of Age are required to Wear Glasses for Driving License Renewal in Kuwait

Applicants above 40 Years of Age are required to Wear Glasses for Driving License Renewal in Kuwait

The additional requirement for the renewal of driving license in Kuwait for applicants starting 40 years old and above is based on the assertion of ophthalmologists that majority of those in this age group experience gradual deterioration of eyesight, which necessitates the use of prescription glasses or contact lens.

Once requested to revisit the eye clinic, the applicant can get an application form from the Traffic Department of the governorate in which they reside in. This should be brought to the Qurtuba Eye check-up centre. The eye check-up is free of charge. This is part of the process in obtaining a driving license in Kuwait. Other documents required include the applicant’s:

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  • Original passport
  • copies of his/her Civil ID
  • two (2) passport size photographs
  • a letter of consent from the company he/she is working for (if employed)
  • a copy of the work permit issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour (MoSAL)
  • a letter of employment from a ministry; and
  • blood test reports

New applicants, however, will also be required to provide their attested degrees, a salary certificate with a minimum monthly salary of KD 400 on top of the above-listed requirements.

Meanwhile, some professions are exempted from these complicated requirements.  (ALSO READ: Kuwait Interior Ministry Introduces New e-Driving License System)    

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