Interior Ministry Debunks General Amnesty Rumours

Perhaps for many foreign nationals working overseas, one of the most important news they can receive is that of general amnesties offered by the government. Not only will this be a big help for those with pending cases and violations with concerned ministries, but this (sometimes) will also present opportunities for them to go back home without the fear of being blacklisted in the country from which they’ve incurred violations through their years of stay there.


Interior Ministry Debunks General Amnesty Rumours

Ministry Denies Rumours on General Amnesty for Residency Violators

However, the Ministry of Interior has denied rumours circulating on social media which claimed an amnesty for visa violators which will supposedly take into effect from January 29 up to February 24, 2019, as shared in a report by the Kuwait Times.

As per the ministry’s relations and security department, the report is untrue and lacks credibility. It added that the ministry would typically launch an awareness campaign ahead of making any announcement.

Of note, the ministry had announced a general amnesty last year between January 29 and February 22, which allowed expats with residency violations to either leave the country through any port without the need to secure permission from authorities or pay any penalties, and the option to legalize their status and continue to reside in Kuwait after settling all fines and securing a valid visa without being deferred to the investigation department. The amnesty was then extended for two more months to benefit more expats in violation with the law.

And while there’s no official news yet as to when the government will offer a general amnesty scheme for visa violators, it’s important that we stay proactive and abide by the regulations imposed by the government. Moreover, it pays to monitor official announcements from our own embassy, which is also considered an official channel of announcements from the host country.

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