Amnesty for Expats in Kuwait Extended by 2 Months

The government of Kuwait has decided to extend the amnesty period given to expats for another two months starting Feb. 22 until April 22, 2018.

Within the extended period, residence law violators in Kuwait are given the option to either legalize their documents for their stay here in Kuwait or be repatriated without any corresponding fines or penalties.

By irvin calicut – irvin calicut, CC BY-SA 3.0

Deadline of Amnesty for Expats in Kuwait Pushed Back to April 22

The initial amnesty period took effect from Jan. 29 until Feb. 22, 2018, as declared by Kuwait Interior Minister and Deputy Premier Shaikh Khalid Al-Jarrah.

The decision for the extension of the amnesty period was based on the below expected number of illegal foreign workers who turned up during the initial 25-day period granted by the government of Kuwait.

There have already been over 2,000 OFWs who have already left the country, and 1,000 more are still in the process of finalizing their requirements for exit from Kuwait. The number of illegal Filipino workers said to be in the Gulf State have reportedly reached 10,000. Furthermore, the Philippine Embassy repatriates around 150 to 200 of their illegal residents from Kuwait on a daily basis.

In other statistics, reports of about 30,000 out of the estimated 150,000 illegal foreign residents of all nationalities in Kuwait have already applied for amnesty.

Here is a video clip on the news update regarding the Extension of the Amnesty Program for Illegal Foreign Workers in Kuwait

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