WATCH: Man Uses a Fake Gun to Rob Bank in Kuwait

In crucial moments when one’s life is at stake, the first thing a lot of us would probably think about is how to protect ourselves. This certainly has been the case with the bank tellers at a Gulf Bank branch along Ibn Khaldun Street in Hawally, Kuwait when a man dressed in abaya (all black clothing) and niqab face veil with a gun, which was later found out to be fake, declared a robbery last Thursday (September 20), as shared in report by Al Arabiya.

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The video footage of the robbery has been circulating on social media as of press time. Watch the video posted by Abdulaziz TV below:

[VIDEO]: Man with a Fake Gun Robs a Bank in Kuwait

In the video, a man with a gun who was seen wearing a woman’s abaya was able to loot an estimated KD 4,500 in cash. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the encounter.

However, after the police have run an investigation on the incident, authorities later found out that the suspect used a fake gun on the terrified bank tellers to force them into surrendering the cash. Before authorities arrived on the scene, the man was able to escape with the looted cash and was nowhere to be found according to the police.

As of this time, authorities are still unable to identify the suspect in the bank robbery in Hawally, Kuwait.

This has not been the first incident of this kind, as a man who wore a woman’s abaya had also committed a crime last year. The man allegedly raped and killed an 11-year old boy in Abu Dhabi. According to police report, the man had lured the young boy at the rooftop of a building where he violated and murdered the child after.

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