Telecom Company Zain to be the First to Offer Apps for 5G in Kuwait

Telecom company Zain CEO Eeman Al-Rowdan shared in a statement at the launch of their product, zBot last September 25 (Tuesday), that the brand will pioneer the use of applications for 5G network in Kuwait scheduled by next month, as shared in a report by Kuwait Times.

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Rowdan shared that the next development stage of mobile network is 5G, which will allow users to experience high-speed internet for the first time. Rowdan further explained that 5G is the “future of wireless technology” which offers ultra-low latency with speeds nearly close to that of fibre optic technology.

Telecom Company, Zain, to be the First to Offer Apps for 5G in Kuwait
Image Credit: Kuwait Times

A First: Zain to Introduce New Apps for 5G Service

According to Rowdan, Zain has been exploring new technologies for more than a year that would promote a shift to the digital world. Zain has recently opened a new brand dubbed ‘Zain Life’, which offers a wide range of innovative and flexible home security features and solutions to ensure enhanced customer experience, Rowdan shared

With the successful launch of AI-based zBot, the first in Kuwait, Zain is looking to follow up its success with several new applications in the near future. Among these include applications for smart parking, and smart buildings which aim to conserve energy and enhance the operational efficiency of establishments through the optimal use of natural resources.

Regarding the launch of the 5G service in Kuwait, Rowdan explained that this depends on how far the implementation of the network’s infrastructure has been set up. She also noted that it has already been tested and the trial will be completed in 2019. As it is, the telecommunication industry is also expecting the launch of 5G-supported devices. Rowdan shared, “Zain is ready to deploy 5G service next year once the equipment that can run the 5G service is available.”


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