Kuwait to Begin Issuing Family and Visit Visas to 53 Countries

The Ministry of Interior and Public Authority of Manpower announced the issuance of all sorts of visas in Kuwait.

The said development applies for vaccinated expatriates who are approved by the government in compliance with standards set by the health authorities, as the country enters the fifth phase of its return to normalcy.

Gov’t Set To Begin Issuing Family And Visit Visas To 53 Countries

Kuwait To Begin Issuing Family And Visit Visas To 53 Countries

According to Arab Times Online, the new conditions for obtaining family, tourist, commercial, and government visas are as follows. According to the decision, visas will be provided to immunized individuals who have received any of the following vaccines:

  • AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine “two doses”
  • Johnson & Johnson vaccine “single dose”
  • Moderna vaccine “two doses”
  • Pfizer Piontech Vaccine “two doses”

A document verifying receipt of approved vaccines must be produced before a visa can be issued. A QR code must be included on the certificate, which will be validated by relevant departments.

Family Visa

It is permissible to provide visas to spouses and children under the age of 16 who will be granted a visit or dependant visa. The salary conditions (KD 500) must be included on the employment permit.

Commercial visit visa

Commercial visits for all activities are permitted at the discretion of the department’s director.

Government visit visa

Government visits are permitted to all ministries and government entities.

Electronic visa

Electronic visas may be issued for the following purposes:

  • Kuwaiti embassies across the world
  • Citizens of 53 countries, as per the approved list
  • Residents of GCC nations who work in specific occupations
  • Hotel facilities and related businesses are registered in the automated system in accordance with the Special Services Department’s procedures.

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