List of Holidays in Kuwait 2021

Although Kuwait isn’t known as one of the most popular places to go on a holiday, the Gulf State remains as one of the top work destinations among expats for the many job opportunities the country offers.

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Much of the year 2020 was spent at home because of fear of contracting the dreaded coronavirus. That said, a lot of plans – for leisure, family, work, and even business – have been put off for a while.

And with the promise of a vaccine that can hopefully help restore things back to normal expected to be completely rolled out soon in most countries, people are once again hopeful and expectant that life will go back to the way it used to. And with it, renewed hopes and plans for the future are being made once again, for 2021.

List of Holidays in Kuwait this 2020

Public Holidays Observed in Kuwait this 2021

And so, to make things as easy and organized as possible, we have come up with a list of public holidays in Kuwait to serve as your guide in planning for your next local or out of the country escapade:  

Here is the list of public holidays in Kuwait this 2021:

  • January 1 (Friday) – New Year’s Day
  • February 25 (Thursday) – National Day
  • February 26 (Friday) – Liberation Day
  • March 11 (Thursday) – The Prophet’s Ascencion
  • May 13 (Thursday) – Eid Al Fitr
  • May 14 (Friday) – Eid Al Fitr Holiday
  • May 15 (Saturday) – Eid Al Fitr Holiday
  • July 20 (Tuesday) – Eid Al Adha
  • July 21 (Wednesday) – Eid Al Adha Holiday
  • August 9 (Monday) – Islamic New Year
  • October 19 (Tuesday) – Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday


  • Kuwait observes a Friday and Saturday weekend. 
  • Holidays in Kuwait are subject to last-minute changes as sanctioned by the local government, just like anywhere in the world. Therefore, it is highly advisable to check the final and official dates of holidays with the embassy prior to planning a trip to Kuwait.

Being a Muslim country,  Kuwait observes Islamic holidays based on local moon sightings, and while the above list presents approximate dates, everyone who resides in the country should wait for the official announcement by the government as the holiday draws nearer. 

And, as is the case in most parts of the world, public holidays are still subject to change and approval by the government, especially with the pandemic severely affecting many countries right now. In line with this, the Kuwaiti government has even extended the public holidays due to the coronavirus pandemic until May 28.  

Use your Holidays Wisely

Earning some money is just as important as knowing how to use it. And where there’s work, people should learn about their rights such as when they can take time-offs, vacations as well as leaves. But knowing these things is just one aspect of life here, planning when to use them is another. Once you have these things covered, you’ll be able to do more meaningful things not only for yourself, but also for your loved ones.  

If things were different right now though, would you personally go on a holiday vacation in Kuwait? If so, where would that be? Let us know what you think by writing in the comments section below! But until all is well and safe, we suggest you stay at home with your family and loved ones and enjoy this time to bond together and to reconnect with each other (if you still haven’t).   

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To our kabayans who missed coming back home to the Philippines during the past few years, we hope that you get to reunite with your families and loved ones back home, and have that much-needed rest for your mind, body, and soul.

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