Top 5 Tourist Spots in Kuwait

Kuwait is a blissful country drenched in culture and history. As with other major countries in the Arab World, Kuwait was a big part of the gripping ancient history of the world. Even though there have been modern structures erected in its cities, the country still prioritizes its rich culture and great ancient buildings to show the world that it takes cares of them.

The modern area of Kuwait, however, is not to be underestimated since it is very prosperous and also has very colorful, vibrant, and lively vibe. Any traveler who visits this country will definitely have the time of his or her life with the different types of activities to do and the different areas to visit. Here are the most popular and top 5 tourist spots in Kuwait.

The Liberation Tower

The Liberation Tower is one of the most important spots that you should definitely visit when you are in Kuwait. This is also a very important site for the citizens of the country since it symbolizes the Kuwaiti liberation, which was the sure sign of the country’s resurgence. Not to mention, this is one of the tallest telecommunication towers in the whole world, which is such a privilege to visit. The tower itself is over a thousand feet tall and is 130 feet taller than the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris. It is a very tall tower, so make sure to follow guidelines that the staff gives you.

The Kuwait Towers

The Kuwait Towers, one of the most celebrated Kuwaiti attractions, are famous and eye-catching landmarks that you certainly want to swing by during your trip to this Middle Eastern country. These towers are located in Dasman’s Arabian Gulf Street. If you want to see the great view atop one of the towers, then you should be visiting the largest tower, which is 187 meters in height. The largest tower has a lovely sphere on its top that comes with a revolving observation deck as well as a cozy restaurant that provides a connection to high-speed lifts. The middle tower, by the way, has one million gallons of water.

National Museum

For a more educational type of tourist spot, you should visit the National Museum. This spot is located nearby the National Assemble. The museum is composed of four buildings and a planetarium. This museum was actually stripped and burnt by the Iraqi invaders, but it still houses the Al Sabah collection of Islamic art, the most comprehensive collection in the world.

Entertainment City

If you are looking for entertainment, then you should be visiting their dedicated city of entertainment, which is fittingly named as Entertainment City. Of course, different types of entertainment amusements can be enjoyed here, such as the “Arab World”.

Scientific Center

Want to see some fascinating sea creatures? Then, make sure to visit the largest aquarium to be built by the Kuwait Foundation in the Middle East for Advancement of Sciences (or KFAS for short). You can view natural sea habitats, coastal edges, and also the desert of the Arabian Peninsula which is beautiful. There are also other shops and restaurants to visit for your needs.

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