Here’s a Look at Kuwait School Fees 2018

We’re down to the last stretch of 2018, but school year’s just about to start here in Kuwait. For those who are interested to know about the tuition fees in the Gulf State, this one is for you.

Education here in Kuwait can be pretty expensive, especially for those who attend international schools (IS), as is the case in most parts of the world. But it’s already 2018, and how much exactly is expensive nowadays? Continue to read below to find out:

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Kuwait School Fees 2018

And while most schools have maintained their tuition fees from last year, the first two in our list have seen some marked increase, since both now offer Grade 12 in their curriculum.

American United School

International British School

Cambridge English School – Mangaf

The English Playgroup

Kuwait American School

American School of Ahmadi

Additional costs include transportation fees which range anywhere between 250 to 500 KD. Also, some schools charge assessment fees; however, this does not guarantee that a child will be accepted in the school. Depending on the school and child’s profile, admission may not be guaranteed. Some schools would also recommend some students to get a tutor to follow up on their progress at school. For this, parents have to be ready to shell out some more cash.



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